Get the Perfect Shorts for Your Body Type

Summer is the time to get your sunnies and shorts out and show off those toned legs. But when you go online to shop, you’re posed with thousands of choices–prints, A-line cuts, Daisy Dukes, long-lengths, form fits, relaxed, colour-blocked, and so much more. So, how do you pick that perfect pair of shorts? We give you tips on picking short bottoms as per your body type.

Short and Petite
Your body type justifies the saying, ‘all good things come in small packages’. So you’d be best suited in shorts that have a definite structure to them–lace, folds, bows or distressed rips. Ensure that they end just above your upper thighs, so as to give an illusion of long legs.

shorts for your body type
Tall and Skinny
Your legs are what they all want. But if you don’t dress right, you may look scrawny–earning you the dreaded ‘chicken legs’ phrase. Opt for bottoms that have lots of details such as bold prints, big motifs, sequins and bright colours. You can even try  pleats, along with loose and flowy silhouettes.

shorts for your body type
Pear-Shaped and Curvy
If you are booty-licious like Beyoncé and Kim K, shorts would complement your body just right. Go for a longer length that covers your thighs, and definitely stay away from high-waisted ones. A straight fit would do wonders for your body.

shorts for your body type
Have an ideal model-like body that men drool after? Then highlight your assets with the coolest styles out there. Try A-line shorts with a high waist or knee-length ones. You can also show off your toned midriff by pairing your shorts with a crop top.

shorts for your body type

So go ahead girl, rock them shorts in style this summer. Have any questions, comments or tricks to dress for your body type? Leave us a note in the comments section.

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