5 Ways To Show Your Patriotism This Independence Day (Other Than Whatsapp Forwards & Facebook Updates)

We know you love our country—we really do. And we appreciate how you send patriotic messages and emails as well as create social media status updates to show it. But, do these really help? In a country that suffers from low education levels, population explosion, lack of hygiene and severe apathy, you can actually make a difference this Independence Day. We tell you five ways in which you can show your patriotism and do your bit for India.

1. Teach Needy Children 

akankshaAn Akanksha volunteer teaches kids photography

India currently has the largest illiterate population in the world and for us to truly progress, this needs to change. You can make a small difference in your spare time by volunteering with NGOs such as Akanksha, Pratham and Teach For India to help poor children gain education.

2. Help Clean Up The Streets

the ugly indianBefore & after photos of a street in Bangalore cleaned up by The Ugly Indian

Sanitation is another issue that we in India are strongly battling. UNICEF estimates that one in 10 deaths in India is linked to poor hygiene. We’re not saying you take an oath to clean up the entire country, but you can definitely volunteer with an organisation such as The Ugly Indian and Mumbai Rising to clean up the streets in your area. After all, small things make a BIG difference.

3. Be More Politically & Socially Aware

ALMThe ALM initiative, between the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and active citizens

This will cost you nothing but a bit of your personal time. Make an effort to get to know your civic and legal rights, so you’re aware of how things work in the country. Reading a newspaper for even 20 minutes every day (no, Page 3 doesn’t count) can help brush up your knowledge of politics and current affairs.

For those who’d like to take a step further, we suggest you get involved with your local Advance Locality Management (ALM), where you can battle issues relating to your area of residence and help drive change. Read up on this here.

4. Donate Blood

blood donationA volunteer donates blood for the Indian Red Cross Society

We cannot stress the importance of this enough—blood donation will cost you nothing, is completely safe for your body and can save the life of someone in need. Register with a website such as friends2support, where in addition to becoming a donor, you can also find blood donors, service organisations and post specific blood requests.

5. Send A Thank You Card To Our Jawans

thank you jawans

A smile is a curve that sets many things right. Right? Make our jawans feel special and thank them for their invaluable service by sending them a Thank You card. Visit 21 Fools, which allows you to pay as much as you want for your card.

Know any more ways to do your bit for the country? Drop us a line and let us know.

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Photos courtesy: theuglyindian.com, 21fools.com, indianredcross.org, akanksha.org, mcgm.gov.in

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