Sia Fashions Check-Ered Mate Cotton Kurti Sold Out

Sia Fashions Check-Ered Mate Cotton Kurti

Brand: Sia
Price: Rs. 1499
A traditional tale told in the modern era! Cut from lovely cotton, this kurti is designed with a monochrome diamond-checkered bodice which is perfectly matched by the tonal floral prints that follow it. Peppered with khari prints, the kurti's spread collar is adorned with contrast running stitch while the full placket makes it very easy to slip in and out of this look. Wear this with contrast leggings and kolhapuris. Did you know: In ancient Egypt, wealthy Egyptian women placed scented grease cones on top of their heads. The grease melted during the course of the day, covering their skin and clothes with an oily fragrance.

Material Cotton