17 Signs You Were A Fat Kid

It’s ironic how invisible you are when you’re actually bigger in size. Being the fat kid in school was never easy—you probably still remember the jibes, jokes and general lack of interest you faced. Here are 17 things you’ll only identify with if you were formerly overweight.

1. The sight of cake still stirs up feelings deep inside of you—but you have enough self-control to say no.


2. You’re like a horse without harness once you step into a mall—you want to buy everything. The shorter and tighter, the better.


3. You’re still tormented by the 6am exercise regime you regularly followed for months/years to get in shape. But you know this to be a fact.

tumblr_m41jlagUgH1ro3593o1_500Size 16 to size 4, baby! Yesss!

4. You nod your head in silent agreement when stars such as Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar and Jennifer Hudson talk about those dark years.


5. You still can’t get over all the male/female attention you get in contrast to when you were in school.


6. You’re used to people failing to recognise you, shrieking in disbelief when they see you or just staring at you—simply because they can’t believe you’re the same person you were in school.

omg it's you

7. You can totally identify with this Kate Moss quote.

Kate Moss quoteTrue story!

8. You’re used to saying no to chocolate, ice cream, cheese and chips—with the result that you’re still maintaining your svelte figure while those formerly slim girls/guys from school are virtually unrecognisable. *evil laugh*

woman bingingNot you!

9. You feel genuine affection for characters such as Monica in Friends, Ryan Reynolds’ in Just Friends, Hrithik Roshan’s in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Drew Barrymore’s in Never Been Kissed.

fat monicaAwwww

10. You still cringe each time you hear a fat joke.

yo mama fat joke

11. You check your weight every day out of sheer habit. And god forbid you’re half a kilo heavier—it’s time to go on a diet again.

weighing scale

12. Atkins, GM, Weight Watchers, South Beach are all names you are overtly familiar with. You’ve tried at least one of them at some point in your fat life.


13. You still fantasise about your college crush—even though s/he now looks nothing like s/he did during the younger years.

brendan fraser before afterYou still love him!

14. You’ve managed to finish an entire family-size pack of mint-chocolate-chip Baskin-Robbins ice cream in one sitting during your fat days to disastrous results—and the sight of it still makes you sick.


15. You mentally calorie count each time you eat something; skipping a meal is not really difficult for you.


16. You’re automatically qualified to give diet and exercise advice to all and sundry.

brad pitt friends

17. You feel like your life has ended when someone utters that dreaded sentence: you’ve put on weight.


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