Still No Breakthrough? 11 Signs He Has Friendzoned You (Sniff!)

Your crush has been totally looking at you and chatting with you. He even asked you to join in for drinks with other friends. But he isn’t making a move and doesn’t look like he will, either. You know what this means, right? You’re in the Friendzone.

What? This happens to women, too? The answer is a big, fat YES. Here are 11 signs he’s got you in the Friendzone. Face it girl, he’s just not that into you!

1. He asks you out for a drink…with his friends
He thinks of you as one of his buddies that he likes hanging out with. So he threw a house party and invited a bunch of his friends—including you. So very friendly, eh!

Signs He has Friendzoned You
2. He is very protective about you… like his sister
He will stand up for you if you’re being harassed. But then any regular, respectful man would, right? Besides, you’re like his little sister. (Not like Cersei)

Signs He has Friendzoned You
3. He can’t stop talking with you… about other women
It’s one thing being okay with your man checking out other women occasionally. But it’s a whole new level of denial when he is discussing assets of other women and ways to hook up with them in front of you. Wake up, he doesn’t like you that way.

Signs He has Friendzoned You
4. He loves flirting… with everyone except you
If he’s great at flirting but doesn’t flirt with you, lady, you’re deep down in the friendship zone.

Signs He has Friendzoned You
5. He plans a date for you… with another guy
He wants to make you happy (aww). So he sets you up with one of his work mates (seriously). If he liked you romantically, he wouldn’t be sharing you. Trust us!

Signs He has Friendzoned You
6. He always asks you to be his plus one… after he has asked all the girls on his list
He needs a girl to go out with, and since no one is free why not ask the back-up—you. Nah, he isn’t really interested.

Signs He has Friendzoned You
7. He is comfortable around you… a bit too much
He talks incessantly about Star Wars and Game of Thrones without caring if you’re bored or not. He think of you as his best buddy, with whom he can just be a nerdy slob. BUDDY, being a keyword here.

Signs He has Friendzoned You

8. He discusses relationships with you… for 10 seconds flat (followed by LOL)
Remember that ad from the ’90s—shaadi aur tumse, kabhi nahi. Well, that’s what he’s thinking when you bring up the topic of relationships.

Signs He has Friendzoned You
9. He compliments your niceness… that’s it!
He thinks you’re ‘nice’—in the same way he likes that formal shirt he bought. Don’t expect him to compliment your dress and body and hair. He really doesn’t care.

Signs He has Friendzoned You
10. He does think of you sexually… when he is drunk, single and depressed
He is heartbroken and wants to get laid with any woman. If you’re around, why not! Seriously girl, don’t fall for this one.

Signs He has Friendzoned You
11. Finally, he thinks of you like one of his bros
He talks to you and introduces you to everyone like you’re his bro. Enough said.

Signs He has Friendzoned You

From one woman to another, it’s time you forget about him and move on. Do share your stories with us; we’d love to hear them.

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