14 Signs You’re A Total Fashionista

Well, it’s as simple as it gets. If you’re fabulous and fashionable, you will agree. Here are 14 signs you’re a total fashionista:

1. When you’re simply passing by a store with no intention of shopping but an invisible hand grabs you (sometimes it’s your imaginary twin asking you to follow her) and takes you inside towards a certain kind of clothing item that you have been longing for, and you concur. It’s just that the fashionista in you has superpowers that direct you to just the right place at the right time for the right purchase.

2. Men? Pfft. you deserve much better, like a gorgeous cashmere sweater.

3. Your ultimate dream is to design your own clothing line.

4. Online shopping – been there, done that, never getting tired of that in this lifetime!

5. You and your fashionista friend cannot help but comment and scrutinize every passerby’s fashion sense. You’re not to blame if you’re just too fabulous, right?
“So tacky, is she taking fashion lessons from Nicki Minaj?
OMG! Did you see the huge lump on that Bebe dress? Her ass needs some serious tucking!
Gosh! We need to stop doing this to every girl we….did you see that Lady Gaga caricature just walk by?!”

6. Your idea of doing good for society is giving free style advice, which you have in abundance. Because clearly, society needs you.

7. The word ‘inhibition’ does not exist in your dictionary. You let your creativity take control when it comes to style. You go all out with experimenting and trying new looks, and that by far is your favourite thing to do. Nothing to wear is a motivational challenge for you.

8. You are subscribed to fashion website newsletters, monthly magazines and diligently read them, treasure them and abide by them.

9 When you hear the word SALE, this is how you react.

10. In your childhood, you were athletically challenged. Bet you could beat all those athletic students’ asses now. How? When you run towards that last piece of shirt left in your size to grab it before others do.

11. You’ve done a photo shoot at some point in your life, with wardrobe changes, hair and make-up. Even if it’s just your bestie behind the camera.

12. Every outfit of yours has to have an accessory that goes with it – you just choose whether to wear them or not, depending on your mood.

13. When your absolute favourite “surprise” gift is that gorgeous dress you saw at the store window when you instantly, rather directly declared ‘I NEED THIS’ to everyone around you. Next thing you know it’s your birthday gift. SURPRISE!

14. You choose or judge TV shows you watch depending on the types of clothes worn by the characters.

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