17 Signs You’ve Turned 25 and Crossed OVER to The Other Side

There’s still a long way to go to get rid of your quarter life crisis. But if you have or are almost completing a quarter century with your age, you have finally stepped on to the other side. Welcome, and read on to know 17 signs you’ve turned 25!

1. You no longer are the ‘woohoo girl’ whose weekends begin with dancing in 8-inch heels after downing colourful shots and end with you waking up at a place you’re not quite sure is your home. Your weekend plans mostly comprise of these words: sleep, movies, books, back-to-back episodes of Suits, sushi, repeat.

2. Talking about being hungover, you no longer are immune to what follows a drunken night. You don’t wake up fresh as a daisy and start your day planning the night’s party scene. Age is finally catching up. You dread the thought of waking up to a hangover, because that feeling is so heightened you literally feel like you’re dying or woken up from the dead. So, an extremely inebriated night would include a maximum of two Sex on the Beaches and Cosmos, followed by an after party with your fluffy pillow and comfy bed. Hangovers are like earthquakes in your head.

3. Everyone except you is getting married. Suddenly, marriage is everywhere. Wedding photos, articles on weddings, friends of friends getting married, wedding videos going viral, it’s a whole new cult. Logging into Facebook is like attending a virtual wedding now. You know exactly how he proposed to her, where they got married, the discount she got for that Sabyasachi outfit etc. So much so, you almost feel like you were there at their honeymoon. Your timeline is flooded with sugar-sweet wedding-y life events that have sent your diabetes level sky-rocketing.

4. If marriage wasn’t bad enough, you suddenly start getting baby shower invitations and Instagram updates of a long-lost school friend who used to be a wild child, but is now busy taking care of her 1-month-old (perpetually) crying child.

5. It has actually been a DECADE since you last attended school. I know, unbelievable right?

6. All-nighters usually last till 3 am. Max.

7. You realise you are not where you wanted to be when you said to yourself 10 years back ‘this is what/where I will be 10 years from now.’ So, you’ve given yourself 10 more years to figure that out. Welcome to life, Ms. Optimist.

8. You finally accept that life is too short to sulk over a break up. Your life no longer revolves around a man who couldn’t care less about your goals. Finally, you concentrate on things that truly make you happy. Or at least you’d like to think that you do.

9. You used to be the youngest one in your office that the 20-somethings envied and bullied. No longer are you that girl who they can say these words to: ‘you’re still a kid, you.’ You, however, can finally pass on your expertise to the 18-year-old interns in your office.

10. The new term for ‘club hopping’ is ‘house partying’. House party conversations are no longer about hook ups and what-happened-last-night. Ok, maybe sometimes. But they mostly revolve around who got hitched, what happened last morning in your client’s meeting and other intellectual jibber jabber.

11. The word fitness actually means something to you now. It used to be an alien concept back in the day, but now your days are incomplete without gyms and jogs.

12. Conversations with the family revolve around marriage, every single day.

13. Sex drive is on over drive now, marriage still out of the question.

14. Mid-week outings are the funniest thing you’ve heard. You just laugh off an offer when someone asks you to go out on a Wednesday night.

15. Your male friends are showing signs of  balding, spotting gray hair on your head is a common sight, and tummy flabs are a permanent phenomena.

16. At 25 you realise that hot men cease to exist in this lifetime. Except this cutie:

17. You’re from the age when mobile phones and computers were a novelty. You are older than the Internet. Imagine telling your grand kids that!


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