Sing A Gram: India’s First Singing Telegram Service

Please forgive me, if I can’t stop loving you. Tis the season to be jolly! And I will always love you..
India’s first singing telegram service – Sing A Gram. Yes, you read that right. Because somehow, it’s always that time of the year, when confusion is at its peak and you ask every person around you what you should gift your beloved on his/her birthday. Somehow, none of them know the right answer to your question. And somehow, you always end up stressing over it more than awaiting the celebrations that follow.
Aalok Aswani, the brainchild behind a cool initiative, came up with an idea that is thoughtful, fun and a great option for a present. Call up the guys at Sing A Gram, and they will sort you out with a fabulous singer and a guitarist, or a band to woo the one you love. It could be for your mum’s birthday, your anniversary, a sorry message, a wedding invitation or just seasonal greetings. Any occasion when you want the person you love to feel special, that’s when Sing A Gram comes in. It could work as a funny office prank too!
Give them scoop on the occasion, the location, your relationship with the one being gifted, fun anecdotes and other stories that will help them customize a song for you. And voila! They’ll come up with a special song that will bring out the imaginary flowers and butterflies fluttering around the lucky lady – just like in the movies.
The Sing A Gram services are extended only to Mumbai currently on select locations. Call Aalok on 9820041595 or send an email to to serenade the one you love.
You need to book your Sing A Gram 3 days prior for cover songs, and a week in advance if you would like them to compose a special song.
Finally, you can smoothly tra la la your way to buying the next birthday gift!
Or if you have a romantic (read: insecure) boyfriend like Ross (from Friends), this is just perfect for him!
View Sing A Gram’s Facebook page here.
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