Sivaana Spa Review: A Soothing Experience

Following a rough week at work, I’d scheduled a Sunday afternoon spa appointment at Sivaana Spa in Bandra, just minutes from where I live, hoping to rejuvenate myself. What I discovered was a spa truly devoted to service and a team which was very passionate about providing the best possible experience. Nestled in a residential area off Linking Road, a passerby would not walk into Sivaana as there are no signboards or fancy store fronts to try to invite people in. Rajkumari Thadani, the proprietor, explained that this was just the way she wanted it – a quiet place in a residential area where her clients could get away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai life. I chose to receive a face treatment, which included a hydration treatment and a facial along with a complimentary hand and foot massage which they provide with all their face treatments. As I waited for my room to be prepared, I sipped on some green tea. I was ushered into a cool room and provided with a change of clothes for the treatment.

The treatment lasted for about an hour. It first began with an initial cleansing of the face, followed by a painless deep cleansing (i.e. a face cleanup without the suction tubes or any of the painful digging). This was then followed by the hydration treatment and a skin brightening pack. At some point during the treatment, listening to the soft music, I fell asleep. Once the treatment was done, I was ushered into another room to take a look at my skin. It did feel and look fresher than I had walked in but of course, skin, just like your body, needs to be treated well regularly, and just one treatment will not make a huge improvement. They explained to me that the home skin ritual of cleansing-toning-moisturizing was very important for the face. And the most important of all, sunscreen.

The facial treatment was great (spa professional’s name is Meet) and the spa was very peaceful. The pressure used in the hand and foot massage could have been stronger. Not once was I disturbed by people chatting or other customers walking in and out. I was told that Sivaana entertains only 5-6 clients a day. It’s a small spa and has 3 rooms – 1 for body treatments, 1 for face treatments and 1 for hair treatments. They like to personalize the service for their clients and really strive to give them the results that they are seeking.

A face cleanup at Sivaana costs Rs. 1,000 (not inclusive of tip) and the facial treatments start at Rs. 1,500. A 60-minute body massage is Rs 1,800.

Seeing the quality and the dedication, I’d highly recommend trying any of their treatments.

- Namrata

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