Expert Speak: Six Awesome Beach Exercises by Nupur Shikhare

We got Nupur Shikhare, celebrity fitness expert and consultant to the likes of Sushmita Sen, Kiran Rao and Amir Khan, to give us six awesome beach workouts to try the next time you decide to head out for some fresh air by the sea. Read on to know how you can train under the expert at the beach over the coming weekend.

Nupur Speaks:

On a hot October weekend, hit the beach for a fun workout. Not only does the beach offer you fresh air, pleasing scenery and a picnic destination but working out on sand has added benefits. Unstable surfaces help to build up your proprioception or your body’s sense of equilibrium and stability during motion, which is very important for body balance and your everyday activities. Destabilizing a surface can also strengthen muscle fibers and ligaments and tendons that surround the joints.

Working out in the water gives you extra resistance to further strengthen muscles. Also, there is low risk of injuries if you fall. However, it also has its disadvantages. Uneven surfaces can also make it harder for you to run, balance and stabilize in the beginning. Though, you can learn and adapt to stabilize yourself by involving the right muscle group, strengthening your joints and learning body balance through practice.

A beach workout can include cardio, strengthening, body weight, movements and stretching exercises, giving you a full-body workout. You can choose to do a full beach workout or just choose from some of the exercises mentioned below, depending upon your time limit or inclination. Do try these on your next beach trip.

1. Push Up
Lie down on the beach but this time in a push up position. Lie on your stomach, place your palms on the ground, keep a shoulder wide distance between your hands on the beach floor. Push your body off the ground, breathe out when you push yourself up and then relax by going back down. Remember to always keep your body parallel to the ground and your back straight. For those who can’t do full push ups, start with your knees on the floor and work your way to a full push up.

2. High Knee Jog
You must have jogged on the beach sometime, but this time try jogging on the spot for 45 seconds. While you jog, lift your knees as high as you can towards your chest. Do this as fast as you can in those 45 seconds! Do it consistently for 12 -15 counts, three sets at least.

3. Push Up Crawls
Take the stance for a push up. Now, move five steps to the side whilst in the push up position and move to your right, and back, then to the left and back. Do three sets of this, three times both sides.

4. Overhead Squats
For an overhead squat, raise your hands straight up and stand straight with little more than shoulder wide distance between your feet. Now, squat as if you would to sit on a chair with your hands raised up. Remember to keep your back straight while doing this. Then push back your hip and go down holding this position. While going down, it is important that your toes and knees should be in one line. Check that your back is straight and push your hip forward while coming back up.

5. Mountain Climbers
Go down on the floor in a push up to get in position for mountain climbers; this is your starting position. Now keeping your palms on the floor take one foot forward towards your chest, knee touching your chest then rest that foot back in its start position. Now switch your foot and repeat. Try to get your knee as close to your chest as possible. Don’t move your palms and do this as fast as you can for 12 -15 counts, three sets to begin with.

6. Run
Lastly, go for a short distance jog. It could be as short as 500 meters. Running or jogging on the sand is good for your knees as it creates a soft landing. It is also refreshing and rejuvenating so don’t let go of your opportunity.

Please Note **
A set is one repetition of each exercise variation with minimal or no rest in between.

Beach Bootcamp by Nupur Shikhare

You can personally learn a few tricks from the expert himself by joining his Beach Bootcamp on 12th and 13th October 2013 that will take place at Silver beach in Juhu. It costs Rs. 1,500 for both days and is on from 8 am to 10 am. Send a mail to or to RSVP.

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