Six Decades Of Artistic Journey at NGMA

An iconic sculptor, painter and graphic artist, Ramkinkar Baij was one of the most influential artists of modern India. With the exhibition Ramkinkar Baij A Retrospective, The National Gallery of Modern Art will play host to insightfully curated works of Ramkinkar by one of his students, K.S Radhakrishnan.

With monumental sculptures established as landmarks in public art, Ramkinkar incorporated the idioms of the European modern visual language in his works while being rooted in Indian ethos. Moving from figurative works to abstract, his themes depicted the relationship shared between man and nature. Ninth in the series of retrospective exhibition organised by NGMA in order to showcase the lifetime achievements of artists, there will be over 350 works on display that include paintings, drawings, graphics and sculptures that cover over six decades of Ramkinkar’s artistic journey. The exhibition has been augmented by video clips, photographic blow ups, digital prints and text.

The works will be on display from 31st October to 16th December 2012.

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