Six Reasons You Should Add Puerto Rico To Your Travel Wishlist

One of the resolutions we made this year was to travel to places exciting and new. And we’re sure you’re already short-listing and budgeting for your travel in 2014 as well. So you just took a week off in December? Well, no one can stop you from dreaming, right? And we’re dreaming of distant lands, of the seas and sand, of unique adventures and a whole new culture.


Yep, we’ve got Puerto Rico on our minds. A short flight away from New York, in case you were planning to visit, this little island is next on our list.

When translated from Spanish, Puerto Rico pretty much means rich port. And rich it definitely is – with its hospitality, nightlife, nature and well those delicious coolers you won’t stop sipping sitting by the beach. Still not convinced?
Our content partners, eStylista, bring you 6 amazing reasons you absolutely must visit.

Home to the Bacardi Rum Factory (What…that’s a deal clincher!)
BacardiJust hop into a ferry from the old city and crossover on to the other side. Once there look out for men with Bacardi boards, and jump into their van that might already be bustling with equally confused passengers. Don’t worry they won’t be taking you into a Spanish mafia’s den although it might seem shady at first, but you will soon notice the driver diligently following the signs to your destination – the Bacardi factory (holler!). Once there, grab your coupons for a free drink (yes you heard us right!) and let the bartender create interesting concoctions for you. Think Dr. Pepper with apple flavoured rum – it’s time for a collective yum!

Snorkelling with the Turtles
Turtle-farmTurtle farms? Yes this wonderful concept does exist and nestled in the sleepy island of Culebra you will find a majestic turtle farm. Hitch a ride with a tour group and they will fit you with the right snorkelling gear and take you on a day trip to the farm. Not only will you get to swim with the turtles, but the opportunity to observe these beautiful creatures up close is a life-changing experience. If you are lucky, you might also spot a turtle nest or a pair of lovers indulging in the mating ritual! Carry your underwater camera!
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