The Six-Step Mood Makeover

So you’re down in the dumps and you don’t feel so good about yourself. You wish you could stay in bed all day. But you have a million things to do and you can’t afford to hide under the covers. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.
Here are six ways to give yourself a mood makeover. You’ll feel so much better. You can thank me later.

1. Take Deep Breaths
Get out from under those bed covers, walk to your window. Bask in the sunshine. Take deep breaths. You will feel instantly better. Sunlight makes your body happy and gives it essential vitamins.

mood makeover
2. Listen to Your Body
Your body needs good food and enough rest and exercise to stay healthy. Make sure you’re on a proper diet, and give your body everything it needs, both internally and externally. Which basically means eat well and moisturize.

mood makeover
3. Make Your Room a Happy Place
Make sure it’s bright, cheerful, and clutter-free. As soon as you wake, the first thing you normally do is look around. If its neat, you see a clean room, which clears your mind. It just works.

mood makeover
4. Meet Your Friends More
It’s a proven fact that meeting people you love keeps you healthy. It’s not? Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s true and you know it. Spend some time with your friends and family – whoever makes you happy just by being around. They’re like rays of sunshine on a bad day.

mood makeover
5. Indulge Yourself
Let go occasionally, and do the things you like best. Eat yummy fattening food, go for your favorite spa treatments, buy the highest heels you can find. Splurge on yourself. Read a great new book. Take a vacation. It cheers up your very soul.

mood makeover
6. Don’t Stress
You know stress isn’t good for you. Apart from making you feel low, it also has a really bad effect on your skin and hair. Think of good things when you’re feeling like that. Count your blessings, and you’ll know you have a lot to be happy for.

mood makeover don't stress

Don’t take my word for it. Go try it. Like I said, you can thank me later.


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