Six Ways to Love Your Hair

Hair care for healthy hair

Hair is the most versatile feature you have. Switching up your hairstyle can completely change your look. But that doesn’t come easy. We use a million things on our hair – colour, chemicals, hair treatment, the works. Our hair needs some love, too. Read these hair care tips to know how you can make you hair healthy so that it looks as amazing as you are!

1. Use a Gentle Shampoo/Clarifying Shampoo

If you go check your shampoo bottle, you’ll see that they will almost always contain silicon or silica compounds. These accumulate over time, which causes build up in your hair. This will weigh down your hair over time, making them dull. An alternative is to use gentle shampoos. Even baby shampoo works great. For those of you with straightened or otherwise treated hair, you probably have to use a particular shampoo. You can get clarifying shampoo and work it into your routine – maybe once after every three or four washes with your recommended shampoo.

2. Oil Regularly

There are so many different types of oils available nowadays – like argan oil, which is all the rage. But if you don’t like or trust these new age oils, good old coconut oil will do the trick just as well. It works wonders and makes your hair super soft and shiny. If you don’t like oil simply because it feels sticky, I would suggest dry oil. My personal favorite is the Cocoa Butter Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop. It’s for hair as well as body, and smells amazing!

3. Wear a Scarf Outdoors

A scarf protects your hair from harsh sunlight, dust, strong winds, and pollution. For girls with an oily scalp, this also helps your hair get less oily. That means you won’t have to wash it too often. So, less build up. Healthier hair.

4. Use a Silk Cloth

Cover your hair with a silk cloth before bed. Also, switch your cotton pillow covers to silk. This helps prevents frizz and flyaway strands.

5. Trim Regularly

Split ends are the worst possible things that can happen. Trim regularly to prevent split ends from forming, and if they do, book an appointment at the earliest! In any case, you must trim your hair, at least every six months. It gets rid of your straggly ends, and you will notice an immediate difference.

6. Braid Your Hair

There are so many different types of braids – French braid, herringbone plait, waterfall braid, and so many more! Even your normal three-section braid will work fine. Different styles make you look different every time, as well as protect your hair. It holds your hair together, protecting it from the ravages of wind and pollution, as well as preventing frizz. Also, when you leave your hair down for the night after it being braided during the day, you will have beautiful cascading waves! What’s not to like?

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