“Skin and the Surface” at Gallery Beyond

GET: a look at an art show which highlights on emotions that dwell within oneself and the process of reliving those moments

IN: Gallery Beyond, 130/132, 1st Floor, Great Western Building,  Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Fort, Mumbai- 400 001

ON: 25th March – 28th April 2011

IT: is an inspired collection of unique material-crochet,  fine steel mesh, fur and latex rubber

About the Artist:Puneet Kaushik is a Delhi based artist who returned home after about a decade of living in the USA. His return was coupled with sentiments and nostalgia of sinking roots within his cultural milieu. These factors reflect very heavily in his art.
His new art show is a series of installations that talk about the self and the wounds and scars within, that one has to live with since  childhood and the process of reliving those moments while raising one’s own children and seeing the world, once again, through the eyes of a young child.

“Scratch the surface of a suave individual and there lies a hundred lives unanswered , unattended – some happy and some piercingly agonising. Almost at some level one lives or learns to live with the pain that might be ugly  and beautiful, something that has made a  cosy home within. ” says Kaushik.   It is these memories and hidden secrets that have inspired this collection.
Contact: +91(22) 22837345, 22837346

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