Skincare Tips For The Lazy Girl

We’re ever ready to listen to good advice on skincare tips and tricks, but when it comes to committing we are not prepared to discipline ourselves and take the laborious pains that following this advice involves. But what we can definitely do is take the small steps, which are easy to follow, to ensure that we maintain our skin and keep it healthy and youthful.

Incorporate these basics into your skincare routine for flawless and naturally beautiful skin everyday.

Clear the beauty products mess

Head straight for your toiletries kit, open up your makeup bags and sift through them. Go through and see what hasn’t been used for months. Throw these items away, even if they are unused. Check the expiry dates. For the most part, anything that is older than six months should be shown the way out. Using old or outdated products can have adverse effects on your skin and lead to skin breakouts and acne! Not only will this get rid of products you should no longer use, but you will find the process of clearing the clutter therapeutic.

Skin Care Routine - Clearing the beauty mess

You are what you drink

You must have heard it a zillion times but hopefully this time it will really sink in! Drinking water helps to flush out all the toxins and impurities from your body. It’s the main force in reducing and preventing acne, and rehydrates your skin, leaving it looking fresh and healthy. Drinking at least eight glasses a day is the key. Sounds like a tough task? Well, we have two very good reasons. Firstly, water is free and secondly, it’s free of calories. If you do not enjoy drinking plain water, add your favorite flavours like lemon, mint, herbal teas, and fruits. Just make sure you don’t add unnecessary sugar. Try drinking two litres of water a day for two weeks and you will tell us that you have noticed the difference in your skin. If you are not disciplined enough, try this fitness app that will remind you to drink water every hour!

Skin Care routine drinking water

Catch up on your Zzzzs

Are you getting your seven to nine hours of sleep daily? If your answer is no, then read on. Sleep can improve your skin majorly. This seems quite easy to do, right? Studies say that when we sleep, the cells that are regenerated and improve our skin and body. The more you rest, the better you look and you will discover that those dark circles and puffy eyes have vanished. So, hit the sack!

Catching up on your sleep is part of your skin care routine


Lazy or not, you have to do it. No excuses. Whether you do or do not apply makeup, you still have to cleanse. During the day your skin is exposed to dirt, pollution and attracts all kinds of bacteria and impurities. So there is no free pass when it comes to washing your face with a splash of water in the evenings. Invest in a good cleanser to wash away that grime and dirt.

Skin care tips


After cleansing, doing a bit of scrubbing once in a while will help you get rid of any deep-seated dirt. Going the extra mile here will take up not more than 30 seconds of your time. Scrubbing twice a week is ideal, but not more than that, as you do not want to hurt your skin. Exfoliation is a great way to reinvigorate dull skin and deep cleans the pores for that overall smooth complexion.

Scrubbing-skin care routine

Moisturise and rehydrate

Whatever your skin type is, moisturising is a must. The world is not kind to your skin, and we are not talking about the outside world. We work, study, travel, and during the course of these activities, expose our skin to all temperatures and humidity levels. All this is responsible in taking a toll on our skin. So, purchase a moisturiser that suits your skin type to make sure you rehydrate your skin after a long day.

moisturize-face-skin care routine

Wear Sunscreen

Last but not least, make sure you have a non-sticky sunscreen for everyday use. It does not matter if most of your time during the day is spent indoors. Applying sunscreen after your cleansing and moisturising rituals is a must. Make sure that after four hours, you reapply sunscreen.  If you do not believe us, watch this video.

This is a super-easy skincare routine to incorporate in your busy and hectic lifestyle. Caring for your skin matters, and knowing that it is glowing and healthy will give you that extra dash of confidence.

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