Smoke House Deli Review

Smoke House Deli finally opened its doors to the public this past Monday and we made a beeline to try this much talked about eatery.

The décor had a charming and casual feel, intended to create a fusion of a smoke house grill and an elegant cafe. White interiors with black sketches on the walls, funky antiques and bright lights.

We were starving and immediately took the maitre-d’s recommendations for vegetarian appetizers – Paprika Puffs with Wasabi Salsa, Chickpea and Houseradish Fritters and the Aubergine and Mozzarella Fry. The descriptions were novel and we were excited to see what would turn up. The Paprika Puffs were biscuits with dressing on top – overall a tasty dish but felt like a western take on sev puri. What we really liked was the flavor of the Wasabi but we were not sure if it necessarily went with the overall dish.  The Chickpea fritters were forgettable – not enough flavor and felt a bit dry. The sauce that came with it however was tangy and finger licking and we found ourselves greedily dipping the fritters into the sauce to add more taste. The Aubergine and Mozzarella Fry was delicious with the sundried tomato and garlic salsa complementing the pancake it lay upon perfectly.

In terms of main course, we decided to go light and ordered a cold sandwich and ravioli. The 3 cheese + poached pear + arugula sandwich was an interesting combination but may not be suitable for every palate.  We didn’t particularly enjoy the addition of beet in the sandwich either. The spinach ricotta ravioli was well cooked, flavorful and light.

To help us wolf down all this food, we ordered their coolers – an apple soaked mojito and a kiwi melon jasmine lemonade. The Kiwi drink was delicious and refreshing with a lot of fresh fruit added to it. The apple mojito felt more like fresh apple juice as the mint leaves may not have been crushed well enough for the flavours to be pronounced.

We were suggested the Crème Brulee of the day for dessert. We dug into the hazelnut-flavoured dessert, which we both found delicious.

Overall, the positives were the freshness of the food, novel dishes, and the atmosphere.  On the flipside, some of the dishes seemed too much like a random concoction that didn’t necessarily gel well.

A meal for two should cost approximately Rs. 2000- Rs. 2500 (not including alcohol), priced very similarly to Salt Water Café.

They also serve breakfast all day. We’ll definitely be back to try it.

To read more about the courses available at Smoke House Deli, click here.

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