Sneak Peek: 212 All Day In Santacruz

We’d been hearing so much about Two One Two All Day, and have been anxiously waiting for it to open its doors, right next to the Mini Cooper showroom in Santa Cruz. So sorry Mini Cooper, as cute as you are, we’ve been driving by mostly to see if we may finally enter and satisfy our gastronomical cravings. But alas! So far, doors weren’t open. Imagine my delight, when a close friend decided to host a family event at Two One Two All Day and I got a look at the restaurant and taste the food.


The restaurant’s wooden interiors and floor to ceiling glass windows provide a similar feel to Two One Two Bar and Grill in Worli, but this seems like a slightly chilled out sibling of the Worli eatery. The space is divided into a wide restaurant floor, a bar and a slight elevated portion which holds a few tables. Glass windows to the kitchen allow you to observe the chefs busy at work. Also, the name suggests that this would be a place where people can come to hang out and enjoy a casual meal.


As the appetizers started flowing, we found ourselves taking seconds of almost everything from the mini falafels with taboulleh, mini burgers, mini lamb shawarma pockets and the buffalo mozzarella marinated with tomato basil pesto. Anyone jealous yet? Next came the sliders: Portobello mushroom with mustard mayo and cajun marinated chicken burger. Both were delicious. The main course included watermelon-feta salad, a penne in pink sauce with seasonal veggies, gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and rocket leaves and a porcini mushroom risotto. If you’re vegetarian, you are definitely spoilt for choice! The ingredients in each of the dishes were amazingly fresh and the flavours of the pastas deserve a special mention. For carnivores, there was grilled chicken and steamed Indian salmon to choose from. If you’ve tasted the 212 Bar and Grill dessert and loved it, you won’t be disappointed here. The blueberry cheesecake and the Ecuadorian chocolate truffle with caramel sauce were served and we dug in to our heart’s delight in spite of just having eaten to the point where we had no room left in our stomachs. Cheese and chocolate lovers, be warned! You may plan a serious work out post this meal.


It’s rare to enjoy almost every dish in a meal, but I truly did. I hope that when Two One Two All Day does open its doors (the buzz is that it will by the end of September or early October), they maintain this quality, which will definitely delight their patrons.


Note: Buzz is that the restaurant will open its doors in the last week of September or early October, 2012. This is just a sneak peek into the restaurant and is not necessarily reflective of what will be served at the restaurant after it’s launched.


Address: 212 All Day, Adjacent to Mini Cooper Showroom, Santacruz, Mumbai
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