Sneak Preview: Cafe Sundance

“Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch.”

If either of your parents grew up in South Bombay, the name Café Sundance will bring back a flood of memories for them. Memories of a great pepper steak sandwich, a relaxed sun filled café and the easy banter of a hip college crowd. That was Café Sundance back then. Well, we have good news for the folks; restaurateur Ketan Kadam and the Two One Two Bar & Grill group have decided to bring back good ol’ café in the same spot, across the oval maiden in the Eros building, sitting coy under new gourmet sensation Umame. Seems like a new foodie hotspot in South Bombay is emerging in this (until-recently) barren locality.

We decided to see if we could do a preview for our readers before they open their doors next week. As we walked into the warmly lit restaurant with two levels of seating, we took in the bread counter, behind which was an assortment of uber cool knick-knacks from vintage coffee machines to miniature school buses and bicycle bookends, which we’d love to source for our online store. But we’re here to talk about the food. And as you’ll see, there is much to talk about.

For Herbivores

To start off, we were served an oven-roasted Tomato Basil Soup and Bruschetta. Both set the bar high for the rest of the meal. While the soup was hearty and flavourful with the garnishing just right, the bruschetta sprinkled with some balsamic sauce was fresh and light. Next on the menu were pizzas, Mini Mushroom Burgers and Patatas Bravas. We decided to give the Fiamma Pizza and the Four Cheese Pizza a shot. Both were thin and crisp, just like the pizzas we’ve loved at 212. My colleague would’ve liked a little more spice on the Fiamma pizza. The Mini Mushroom Burgers with avocado were simply delicious! Served with fries, this alone can fill you up. The Patatas Bravas were well cooked and tangy.

We were just about to move on to the main course when the chef brought on a Baked Camembert Cheese with rocket leaves. Soft, gooey, warm cheese oozing out onto our plates and at this point we weren’t quite sure if we had room left to try the mains. After solemnly promising ourselves a trip to the gym tomorrow, we tried the Spinach and Ricotta ravioli, the Aglio Olio, Lasagne and the Mushroom Pasta. Amongst these, the Aglio Olio in angel hair pasta had a very good balance of herbs and spices and ravioli was very thin with a very tasty sauce. The Mushroom Pasta was tasty but a little too rich and creamy for us.

For Carnivores

We started our meal with a spectacular dish; sticky, glossy chicken wings that were juicy and tender with a perfect barbeque flavour that left us licking our fingers. The chef followed this up with another sensational appetizer, Pork Belly Tacos, which were lip smacking good with a great cut of meat and a punch of flavour. The Pepperoni Pizza went down well but the Bar-b-q Chicken Pizza was the real winner, full of delicious toppings.

For the main course, it was encouraging to see burgers and hot dogs on the menu, a testament to the history of Sundance and just as good! The Cajun Chicken Burger had Emmanthal cheese and a delicious Cajun flavour with a juicy patty. In keeping with the sustainable food trend, all their bread and pasta is made in-house and there’s a strong focus on local ingredients. Finally the Bolognese pasta was served with perfectly cooked pasta but the sauce could have been better for this reviewer’s palate.

For Dessert-Lovers 

The meal ended on a very sweet note with 212’s famous Blueberry Cheesecake. Now I take my cheesecake very seriously and truly believe there is no cheesecake to beat this one in the city of Mumbai. The Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffle was just the right balance between sweet and dark resulting in us going back for more! We will be back to make more memories at this iconic Mumbai café.

Lunch per person should be about Rs 500-550, not inclusive of tax and tip. Salads here will cost about Rs. 200, pastas will be Rs. 350- Rs. 400. They will have all day breakfast as well once they open their doors next week.

Address: Cafe Sundance, Ground Floor, Eros Building, 42, Maharishi Karve Road, Churchgate, Mumbai.

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