Snorkel and Scuba Dive at Tarkali Beach

We can already sense the heat of the summer air creeping in and a dip in cool blue water would be just about the right thing to do on a weekend. For those who get their dose of adrenalin by jumping into sea green waters in the middle of nowhere, Life Away From Life has planned an exciting scuba diving trip for you. 
Head to Tarkali Beach this March, April or May to the south of Malvan on the coast of Maharashtra, for a perfect weekend getaway of sun, sand and water. The warm and clear sea is flourishing with marine-life that will guarantee the best snorkelling and scuba diving experience in the Indian subcontinent. 
Apart from certified divers, the trip is also meant for beginner level enthusiasts above the age of 10 years, who want to try this adventure sport for the first time. 
Explore the Sargassum forest, corals and an abundance of colourful fish and flora and fauna underwater. The program includes basic theory, few exercises in shallow water and one not-so-deep dive with an instructor. 
You can make this 2-day trip throughout the year, where the departure dates are as follows: 27th March, 24th Apil, 25th May, 16th October and 14th November 2013. 
The trip will cost Rs. 4,000 per person that includes accommodation without meals, scuba diving, snorkelling, dolphin ride and local transfers. They also have packages for Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 3,000. Check out the entire itinerary here
Note: The itinerary is tentative and subject to change. 
For more details, call on 022 66096693 / 9869158351 or send an email to
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