5 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Stacked Bangles

Clink, clink! The sound of stacked bangles takes you back to your childhood, reminding you of your mother’s delicate hands. But it’s time to come back to the present as stacked bangles and bracelets are now a hot, new trend. Both Instagram and Pinterest are full of gorgeous pictures of fashion-forward women showing off their hand jewellery.

And it’s not just worn with Indian clothes—you can wear stacked bangles with formal wear and clubwear as well. Not sure how to do that? We create 5 awesome looks for your stacked bangles that will keep you up with the trend.

The Minimalistic Look
This style is the easiest to create and carry off. You can either make a set of single metal and colour or mix different metals and shades of the same colour. Use bangles of different widths and shapes to give a fashionable twist to a conventional look.

stack Bangles
The Girl’s Girl Look
Make your bangles look flirty and feminine by adding a pop of colour, different stones (diamonds and pearls look great with almost everything) and textures. Gather colourful ones made of plastic, fabric and beads, and combine them with thin metal bangles and dainty charm bracelets. Just make sure you pick pastel shades that complement each other.

stack Bangles
The Biker Chic Look
In the mood for something edgy? Incorporate spikes, studs and black into your hand jewellery or wear a faux leather strap with your chunky gold or silver bangles. And lest you’d like to tone it down, mix them up with black studs, diamonds and pearls.

stack Bangles
The Formal Look
This style is ideal to wear to the office or an evening soirée. The key to creating this set is to pick well-polished and simple jewellery. Stack diamonds and pearl bangles with metallic ones and a chunky watch made of the same metal. Round off your stack with neutral colour straps.

stack Bangles
Hippie and Happy
If happy at heart and hippie by brain is the motto you live by, then this look is for you. Ideally, almost any kinds of bangles mixed together can create a boho look. But you can try mixing different prints, colours, materials (such as cloth bangles) and oxidised metal for that perfect bohemian style.

stack Bangles

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