Why Does Starbucks Always Get Your Name Wrong? We Tell You The REAL Reason

You don’t have to be a grammar nazi to cringe when your relatively simple name is misspelled by someone. How many times have you gone to your nearby Starbucks and clearly enunciated your easy name, Shyam, only to be served a cup with Sham scrawled on it? My friend Prasad was served his coffee with Brasav and Katie was made Katia. How can they go wrong with this, you wonder. But we’ve got news for you—it’s all part of a carefully crafted plan! A genius marketing plan, at that!

In this hilarious video, comedian Paul Gale sheds light on this secret that’s not a secret anymore. Isn’t it brilliant?

So, don’t get mad to see your name spelt wrong the next time you get a cuppa. It’s not a mistake, after all.

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Image courtesy: businessinsider.co.au

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