Store Review of Sanctum: Simple, Colorful, And Very Cool

Ever been to a store and wished that you could sell everything you own, and buy a new house for new stuff? You may just think it’s the shopaholic in me speaking, but that would be your reaction too if you walk into Sandhya Gorthi’s newly opened furniture, home décor and accessories store in Bandra, Sanctum.

The bright colors of the home accessories and home décor collections complemented the simple and raw forms of the furniture. The store was charming and artistic. I really felt I was in an apartment in SoHo in New York. Here are 10 things I loved and I know you will too!

1. The cat: Honestly, I’m not a fan of cats, but these metallic figures sitting in different places around the store lent such a unique and fun personality that I have made up my mind I’m going to find a cat lover to gift one to.

2. The blue drawer chest: It’s a deep turquoise blue! What more can I say? The drawers slid in and out comfortably and I found myself wondering where I could put this in my house.

3. The little “Yaughts” chest: The antique-y touch and the paint on the raw wood gave it the romance of something that you found in an old captain’s house.






4. The oil pots: Again, the earthiness, simplicity and color of these caught my eye. These are really something you can place anywhere in your home and they wouldn’t look out of place.

5. The wood patchwork table: made of recycled wood and it really is patched together. So charming!

6. The apple pie dish: I don’t even bake but sometimes you just need the right motivation! They’re cute and colorful.






7. The owl key holder

8. The colorful crockery: Brightens the home and you get to mix and match a bunch of beautiful colors.

9. Colorful lamps and cushions to match: These were available in lots of colors and styles, all keeping in tone with colorful and simple elements of the rest of the merchandise in the store.






10. The room divider: It’s just awesome.

To know more about Sanctum and for details on address, hours, timings and contact information, click here.

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