(Street) Shop Till You Drop in Hong Kong: 10 Markets You Won’t Get Enough Of

Step into Hong Kong and you will find posh stores and well-dressed people all around you. You will probably walk around wishing you could get clothes, shoes and bags like those petite women on the streets. But shopping from the likes of Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo may not always be possible. We bring to you 10 fashionable yet affordable street markets, where you can buy everything from clothes, shoes and bags to antiques and toys.

Clothes, Shoes and Bags

street markets in Hong Kong

1. Sham Shui Po
Head over to the markets on Cheung Sha Wan Road and get a treasure of amazing bags, cool tops and trendy dresses at rock-bottom rates. We particularly love the bags here, with varieties from clutches to totes.
How to get there: There is a metro line that helps you alight at Sham Shui Po station; take Exit C1 to Cheung Sha Wan road. You can also get off at Prince Edward Station and make the 15- to 20-minute walk from Nathan Road to Cheung Sha Wan to discover new places. Check here for further details. If travelling by bus or cab, ensure that you get off at Cheung Sha Wan Road.
Things to know: Don’t just rely on streetside stalls; many shops have sale sections that offer clothes and bags for less than HK$20 (Rs 160). Bargaining is not appreciated by vendors here.

2. Mong Kok Ladies Market
Get the true taste of street style in HK at the Mong Kok Ladies Market on Tung Choi Street. From designer knock-offs to exclusive handcrafted items, we’re sure you will fall in love with the things available here. And if you’re a shoe addict, this is the place to be. You will find a host of choices in your size, though they aren’t very cheap.
How to get there: Take the metro to Mong Kok Station and move to exit E2. Walk along Nelson Street and you will find road signs that point towards Tung Choi Street Ladies Market. This place is close to Sham Shui Po, so you can visit both places in one day. For more information, click here.
Things to know: Bargaining here is not appreciated as the products sold are of slightly better quality. However, there’s always scope for a little bit of negotiation. Check out small stalls and roadside vendors along with the stores, as both have interesting pieces to buy.

3. Jardine’s Crescent
Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po are ideal for tourists, but Jardine’s Crescent is the place where the locals shop. Find pretty dresses, tops, bags and more here.
How to get there: Take the metro and alight at Causeway Bay Station, Exit F.
Things to know: This is one place where you can haggle to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to check out makeshift corner stalls along with the departmental stores. Get your hands on a few pretty phone accessories at this place. Check out this link to learn more.

4. Sneakers Street
Want new kicks? Head over to Sneakers Street in Hong Kong. From limited-edition pieces to large-sized sneakers, you will find everything you need for your feet here.
How to get there: Take the metro to Mong Kok Station and go to Exit D3. Walk along Argyle Street to Fa Yuen Street.
Things to know: This street is not exactly bargain-friendly, as athletes are spotted shopping here. But you can find some truly one-of-a-kind trainers here.

Fashion Accessories

street markets in Hong Kong

5. Temple Street
A shopping market that is built around a temple can only mean a lot of rare finds for you. Temple Street is known for selling fine antiques and utilitarian items at its night market. But here you will find an amazing range of accessories for women priced at affordable rates.
How to get there: Get down at Yau Ma Tei Station, Exit C and turn onto Temple Street at Man Ming Lane. Another option is you can go to Jordan Station, Exit A and walk right onto Jordan Road then take the next right to Temple Street.
Things to know: Vendors selling accessories do not bargain, but you can haggle with those who sell you antiques. Click here to know more.


street markets in Hong Kong

6. Cat Street
Take home a piece of Chinese culture and history by shopping for antiques at Cat Street. You might stumble upon rare heritage pieces from the Ming Dynasty or at least get a few souvenirs for friends and family.
How to get there:  Use Exit D2 at Central Station and take a right towards Theatre Lane. Walk to Queen’s Road Central towards The Center. Take the mid-level escalator to Hollywood Road. Click here for more details.
Things to know: Being an antique market, the prices may seem steep, so feel free to bargain and get your pick for less. Vendors are not exactly friendly, so be careful while viewing or shopping for the products.

7. Jade Market
Jade is an important part of Chinese culture. You will find almost all women and men wearing jade beads, pendants and other pieces of jewellery for good luck. Get your piece of luck at the Jade Market.
How to get there: Head over to Yau Ma Tei Station in the metro and go to Exit C. Walk from Nathan Road to Canton Road via Public Square Street. You should be there in 10 to 15 minutes.
Things to know: If you are a tourist, it would be best to go there with someone who understands jade, else you might end up with counterfeits. Also check out the shops along Nathan Road while getting to this market. Remember that the Jade Market is shut on Sundays.
You can also get a range of fine antiques at Temple Street. Click here for details.


street markets in Hong Kong

8. Tai Yuen Street
Relive your childhood and take something back home for the tiny tots from the toy market on Tai Yuen Street. You will find everything from remote control toys to collectibles and limited-edition cartoon figurines here.
How to get there: Take the metro to Wan Chai Station, Exit A3.
Things to know: Bargain, bargain and bargain some more—you will be surprised at how much the vendors will reduce their rates.


street markets in Hong Kong

9. Apliu Street
Shop for secondhand electronic devices, interesting mobile and laptop accessories, antique coins and more at Apliu Street. Buzzing with locals, this flea market is just what you need to carry home a few affordable electronic pieces from HK.
How to get there: Take Exit C2 after you get off at Sham Shui Po Station from the metro. Click here for details.
Things to know: This is a flea market that’s full of knock-offs, so be doubly sure you’re getting a genuine product.

Other Items

street markets in Hong Kong

10. Mong Kok Special Markets
From getting exclusive flowers to tiny gold fish, birds and other utilitarian items, Mong Kok has it all. Whether you want to purchase anything specific or not, these markets are worth a visit. Click here for information about the market, how to travel and things to know.

We hope these markets will help you find some true gems on your Hong Kong vacation. Do write to us if you have anything to share about your trip.

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