Studio 62- A Hub For Your Creativity

Your art is not what you create but what you make others see. You may not be the next Picasso in line, yet you adore those vibrant strokes, colour palettes and thrive in the world of art. Graffiti and tattoos are mediums for articulating those voices in your head. In a city where there is truckload of talent available but a dearth for flaunting it, Studio 62 might come across as your humble retreat.


Launched last month, Studio 62 is a cosy hub spread across 850 square feet, for art lovers and for those who have an eye for everything artsy. An open space for artists, Studio 62’s web includes painters, graffiti artists, musicians, tattoo artists and writers among others. From novices to gurus, Studio 62 acts as a platform to showcase the works and creations of different artists. Connect with like-minded artists, share your notes and anecdotes and let your creative juices flow.


If you are one of those who appreciate art but fail to practice it, Studio 62 will assist you by providing professional services like mural and graffiti paintings, customisation of accessories, wall painting, tattoos and more at nominal charges.


Acting as a cornerstone for several upcoming and offbeat careers, Studio 62 is an attempt to create a space for imaginative minds to have an outlet for their creativity.


Address: Studio 62, Opposite Rosary Church (St. Thomas Academy School), M.G Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai 62.

Contact Komal on 9004430396 for additional details. Check their Facebook page here.


- Esha Chanda


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