Wear What When: Our Style Picks For The 6 Types Of Dates You’ll Go On

How many times have you torn your hair while trying to pick an outfit for a date? And heaven forbid he should not disclose the location of where he is taking you, because it’s a surprise (yikes!); that’s when the real panic sets in. You want your personality to shine through your clothes and you want to be sexy, but not vulgar; you want to seem relaxed, not trying too hard. So whether it’s your first date or a meeting-the-mom appointment, we tell you all the basic styling tips you need to know.

1. First Date
The first impression is also the most important one. The first thing he will see is the way you are dressed. You want him to like you, yet not appear desperate. Solution: keep it simple, with minimal accessories and makeup. Show a little skin to keep him wanting more by opting for a dress in a bold colour.

date trends

Top: Red pleated dress, black flat pumps & red clutch; Bottom: Golden floral earrings, golden watch & cream blush.

2. Sealing The Deal
You have waited the appropriate number of dates; and now you’re ready to seal the deal. You want to drive him crazy with your sexy outfit so that he is eating out of your hand before the night is over. Solution: go all out sensual, with a pair of stilettos and racy lingerie. Add some perfume and red lipstick into the mix to complete your irresistible ensemble.

date trends

Top: Black dress with slit, black studded suede heels & red wallet; Bottom: Estee Lauder Spellbound perfume, L’Oreal red nailpolish & Enrich satin lipstick.

3. A Casual Meet
You have been dating him for a while now and he has seen you all decked up. It’s now time to show him you can look gorgeous even on your day off and even in casual jeans and a t-shirt. Let him see your comfortable style and get to know the real you. Opt for chic sunglasses and a pair of sneakers to get that laid-back cool effect.

date trends

Top: Striped nautical top, white jeans & beige sneakers; Bottom: Three tone sling bag, brown cat-eye sunglasses & black braided hair band.

4. Partying With Friends
Going out with his friends? This is the time to show your playful and quirky side. Keep the outfit flirty, but also comfortable. What’s the point of going out dancing if you spend the entire night on the bar stool because of your six-inch heels. Get your party attire ready with a pair of shorts and crop top, and throw on some funky accessories to complete your look. Remember to have fun! He will only like you more for it.date trends Top: Navy shorts, coral crop top & multi splash pumps; Bottom: Moodmatcher pink lipstick, cat ears headband & loop style belt.

5. After Work
Everybody likes to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work and what better way than to catch up with your loved one for a quiet dinner and drinks date? Turn your work attire into a dinner outfit by adding a piece of statement jewellery, a blazer and some kitten heels. date trends

Top: Yellow jumpsuit, cropped zipper jacket & beige kitten heel shoes; Bottom: Silver Cavalli watch, green onyx earrings & Femme Individuelle perfume.

6. Meeting His Mom
This is a crucial date, as you want to impress the mother and show her you are perfect for her baby (let’s face it, he will always be her baby). For this appointment, it is important to dress conservatively yet stylishly. Keep the look feminine and pretty by opting for a midi skirt and some delicate jewellery.date trends

Top: White midi skirt, jade top & funky ballerina shoes; Bottom: Sling bag, gold winkle necklace & Revlon eyeliner.

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Image courtesy: demos.ithemes.com

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