Style Rules For Well-Dressed Men

Everyone likes a stylish man. You don’t need to be a metrosexual if you want to look good. Taking care of your appearance reflects well on you and it also helps creating a lasting impression with the ladies. Here are certain style rules for men to follow to help you look your best at all times. 

  • Don’t use cologne/perfume if you don’t know how much is enough.
  • When you’re buying a suit, navy is the most versatile colour to buy, as well as charcoal and grey.
  • Flashing your boxers over the top of your too-baggy jeans which need to be pulled up with every step, will never be a cool fashion statement.
  • Wrinkles and creases ruin any look no matter how nice your shirt is.
  • Wearing ill-fitting pants that are loose and shapeless or too tight, make you look extremely sloppy.
  • Always remember, well-fitting is great, snug is risky and tight will always be just plain wrong.
  • Trendy hats add a certain pizzazz to your look and will fetch you brownie points for style. They’re also a superb option for a bad hair-day.
  • A classic watch is the best accessory you could own.
  • Always try to match your belt with your shoes. It’s safest to stick to traditional colours like black and brown.
  • Even if you live in your trusty chappals, every guy should own at least one pair of decent shoes  that are in good condition,
  • A watch and a ring are all the jewellery you need.
  • A cap worn backwards will make you look anything but cool, or should we say kewl!
  • No matter how well you think you can pull it off, socks and sandals should never be worn together.
  • Wearing your socks pulled up with three-fourth pants will only succeed in making you look awkward and clownish.
  • A stylish man won’t shy away from wearing colours like pink, peach and purple. In fact, guys look pretty good in these colours as well as macho, all you need is confidence to shed those inhibitions.
  • For a day look, loose the jeans and instead choose a stylish pair of chinos in colours like light blue.
  • Don’t ever try squeezing yourself in to a pair of leather pants, even if it’s your favourite rock star’s apparel of choice. Nothing good can ever come from owning a pair of leather trousers.


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