Winter Style Tips: How To Style Turtlenecks

A turtleneck tee or a sweater does not have to be geeky or boring. Yes, people without imagination may associate it with matronly style, but the fun of it is to make it look chic and change the way we present it. You just need to style it well and make some adjustments to spice up the plain-looking turtleneck. Here are a few ways you can glam up your turtleneck tee or sweater: On Casual Outings Let’s take a look at how we can spruce up the turtleneck tee for our everyday casual wear. We’ve added prints here to make the look a lot more fun. Pair it with these yellow pencil pants and an abstract scarf necklace that adds layering to the plain tee and finish off the look with plain and simple metallic ballerinas. A Night Out So, you want to wear that black or blue turtleneck to a party or dinner with friends? Going sleek is the key. Again adding the right amount of texture and accessories is the way to glam it up. The below look makes you look classy, edgy and chic. We have paired a classic navy knit turtleneck tee with a sleek textured black side zip peplum skirt, lace stockings, and black long conical earrings to give it the right amount of zing. night out At the Office You don’t want to risk being compared to Ugly Betty. Being at the office, you have to look appropriately dresses and chic. If you want to make a turtleneck work without looking geeky yet retaining that professional touch, then it’s best to add some texture to it. Here we have teamed a turtleneck sweater with high waisted palazzos  and accessorized it with our chunky volcano stone neck piece. A trendy look that will still fit right in the professional environment. You have now discovered ways to style a turtleneck and totally rock it. You can modify any simple outfit to make a unique statement. For any other style-related queries, browse through our style tips. Picture Courtesy:

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