Styling Indian Wear in Winter

The temperature is dropping and you are probably all set with your knitted, woollens, jackets, socks and more. You may know exactly how to layer and style western wear for the chilly season. But your saris, anarkalis and other traditional wear takes a backseat, and God help you if you need to attend an evening winter wedding.

Instead of going brrrrr… all evening, we suggest you use these tips to style your Indian wear this winter.


Store away your backless cholis and bikini blouses, unless you want to freeze. Get a quirky look as well as protect yourself from the chill by layering. Yes, just like extra t-shirts and jackets for daily wear, traditional dressing may also have add-on clothing. Get an embroidered jacket stitched to wear above the sari or anarkali, or add an extra sleeveless jacket with your blouse, and see the magic.Indian Wear in Winter

Full Sleeves

Yes, these are going to be your best friend this season, especially when it comes to weddings. Full sleeves not only look extremely chic, but also add a sense of mystery to the clothing.

Indian Wear In Winter


If you do not wish to invest in a specific winter wardrobe then keep quirky shawls handy. These will keep you warm and cosy, along with completing your Indian look.

Indian Wear In Winter

Natural Hair

While up-dos are the talk of the season, you may try a more natural blow-dried look for Indian wear. Look sultry and shield your neck and back from the cold. Additionally, the cold will give a natural bounce to your hair.

Closed Footwear

Clearly you cannot use your quirky and cute socks with Patiala, unless you are going for auntyji look. Try wearing pumps and closed shoes like mojris as they offer more warmth to your feet.

Indian Wear in Winter

Finally, keep yourself warm by having warm drinks and food when out. Rock your Indian wear with these tips. Write to us if you have any more idea in the comment box below or on Facebook.

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