Pretty Petite: Styling Tips For Smaller Women

Do you ever dream of being tall like Gisele Bundchen (whose legs alone are probably longer than my entire body)? If you are stuck with a petite frame (less than 5’4”), I welcome you to the club. Us petite girls sometimes are forced to dream of being longer, especially with comments like, ‘that outfit would look better on a tall person’ floating around. But worry not! I’ve compiled a list of styling tips to help you out. Here are a few outfits you should wear to flatter your body shape.

1. V-Necks

petite style

Opt for V-neck tops or dresses as this will create an A-line symmetry, which in turn will make your neck seem longer and give the illusion of an elongated body.

2. Waist-Ups

petite style

Choose bottoms with a high waistline as they will make your legs appear longer and won’t cut your body size.

3. Monotones

petite style

Single-colour outfits provide an illusion of a leaner body frame. Move away from your comfort zone of  classic colour palates like white and black and don’t be afraid to experiment. Opt for bolder colours like red, blue or even magenta.

4. Pointy Toes

petite style

The easiest way to make yourself look taller is by wearing heels. But if sky-high heels are not your thing, the next best things are flats with pointy toes. You probably didn’t know this, but pointy toes aid in lengthening your legs.

5. Go Short Or Long

petite style

Petite women should opt for either short bottoms and show off those cute legs or go for floor-length maxi dresses or skirts. Avoid hemlines just below the knee as this can result in you looking shorter and bulkier.

6. Layer Down

petite style

Avoid wearing too many layers of clothing; you don’t want to be lost under your top, sweater and scarf! Instead, choose thinner fabrics that fit your body perfectly. Most importantly, know your body type and dress accordingly.

7. Ponytails And Posture

petite style
Another easy trick is to tie your hair up as this will make your neck appear longer. Always maintain a straight posture, walk with your back straight and head held high. Slouching will make you appear shorter and also pave way for you looking like an evil master’s minion. Who said you can’t be petite and fabulous?

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