The Most Stylish and Fashion Conscious Celebrity Kids

Today we live in a world where not only the adults are utterly fashion conscious but also their offsprings feel the same. I remember when I was six, I loved playing dressed up with my Barbie dolls for hours, but now kids love to go out to a mall and shop for themselves and prefer looking every bit like a Barbie doll. Here are some of the most stylish celebrity kids who have already started making waves as the young fashionistas, and could teach many grownups a thing or do about being stylish.

Suri Cruise

She has a lot of burden already being the only child to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. At the age of 5, she owned several pairs of ‘mini-heels’ and designer handbags like Marc Jacobs and Ferragamo, which she carried to her school. She wears fur coats, hats, red lipstick and pumps (without falling off) and faces the camera fearlessly. Her pretty face is her strongest charm. The paparazzi loves to shoot her walking around the streets of New York City with her mum, who sometimes even coordinates her clothing to suri’s style. This little fashionistas already has numerous blogs dedicated to her daily style.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise

suri cruise

Dressing up in similiar style

Aila Wang

Wondering who this super stylish tot is? She is the niece of the talented designer Alexander Wang. You’ll always find her sitting on the front row during fashion week wearing the adorable outfits that will make you want to see her rather than the runway models. She’s mostly spotted wearing her mini Chanel messenger bag with Nike shoes and leather dresses. What’s more she has a handbag named after her!

aila wang

Flynn Bloom-Kerr

Isn’t he just a cutie? He is the son of the former Victoria secret model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom. Dressed in T-shirts and blue jeans with a cap he’s already a star. He has the most colourful and cutest pairs of pants paired with simple tees and oh boy! He carries them with so much ease and style.

flynn bloom kerr

flynn bloom-kerr

Harper Seven Beckham

She is undoubtedly the most talked about famous tiny tot in the world. She is David and Victoria Beckham’s arm candy (literally!), and sometimes her brother Brooklyn’s too. Pretty hair bands, soft colored frocks, pretty little shoes and always dressed right for the weather, I must say. She is definitely going to be a real life Blair Waldorf.

harper beckham

Willow Smith

I’d say she is the younger version of Madonna and Lady Gaga. She is avant-garde, fashion forward and a risk taker. Just as talented as her parents, she is pursuing her career in films and music at the age of 12. Sporting whacky clothes, loud accessories, funky hairstyles and animal prints for Red carpet events has got her on the list of star kids we must look out for!

willow smith

Willow Smith

Image Credit: Pinterest stylecaster

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