Suburbans Get A Bagel To Binge On

Bandra introduces its newest in the cafe world, a shop full of bagels and more. Bagelwala offers all kinds of freshly baked bagels that are served with their in-house cream cheeses and accompanying sauces. Situated in a residential area in Bandra, one can spend leisurely time and peacefully read a book or get lost in thought and of course, munch on crunchy and soft bagels. This cafe caters to all people on the go and is perfect for a quick snack or breakfast before going to work.

They adhere to eco-friendly practices and refrain from using plastic or styrofoam but encourage the use of non-disposable cutlery, recycled tetrapacks and have their own compost bins for food waste.

Bagelwala is set to launch in the first week of August.

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