Super Easy Braids To Try Out (No Stylist Required, We Swear!)

You know the fact that braids save us from a bad hair day and are the easiest way to manage your hair when it gets unruly and frizzy. In the last few months, we have spotted braids on celebrities, on runways and even at red carpet events. And as the summer draws closer and temperatures soar, what better way to look chic?

Braids are very feminine and if you think you cannot pull it off without the help of your hair stylist, it’s time that you let your hands do the talking. Be it curly, straight, wavy, long, medium or short, we’ve covered it all. In short, we are obsessed with braids.

1. Braided pony

One of the simplest styles, and all it will take is 5 minutes. This style looks great on wavy or straight hair that is long or medium in length.

braided hairstyle idea

How to do it:

  1. You require a black band and a cute hair accessory.
  2. Now remove all the knots from your hair and then divide your hair in two cross sections.
  3. Once you have two sections, secure the upper section with a rubberband.
  4. Start braiding the lower section, not too tight, not too loose.
  5. Once done, wrap it over the ponytail and roll over.
  6. Secure it with a cute accessory.

2. Half crown hairstyle

This style works on medium to long hair and both curly or straight hair. It’s as simple as it looks.

half crown braided hairstyle

How to do it:

  1. Start with removing the tangles and knots if any.
  2. Take some strands from any one side and start making a semi loose braid. Then secure it to the other side with a pin.
  3. Repeat the same with the other side and tuck inside the previous braid.
  4. Now that you have pinned both the braids, you can secure it with a hair accessory to finish the look.

3. Rope braid

Rope braid hairstyle

How to do it:

  1. Tie your hair with a rubber band.
  2. Make two sections and twist each section.
  3. Intertwine them just like a rope.
  4. When done, secure with a band.
  5. Now, cut the previously tied band.

Voila! Are you ready to score this look?

4. Braided hair band

No need for any hair band, when you can easily do this with your own hair.

hairband braid hairstyle

How to do it:

  1. Take a section of your hair right near your ear. Remember, the amount of hair you take will determine the thickness of your braided hairband.
  2. Start braiding, but not very tight.
  3. When done, take it over to the other side and secure it with pins.

Voila! A simple and very easy braid to replace your everyday hairband.

Try out these very simple looking braids and give your hair a new makeover everyday. Do write to us with pictures of your fab hairstyles or tweet to us @get_inonit.

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