Which Superhero Girlfriend Are You? Take Our Quiz Now!

You and your bestie have it all planned out in your fantasy world. You will marry Batman and she has the hots for Iron Man. We help you take your fantasy a bit further and help you know if you’re the right girl for your favourite superhero. Will you be able to handle the fancy suits and crazy lifestyle? Take this quiz to find out which superhero girlfriend you are.

superhero girlfriend

1. What kind of a man are you most attracted to?
a. Intelligent, outgoing, witty and emotional.
b. Smart, shy, honest and good-looking.
c. Nerdy, charming, strong and photography lover.
d. Great listener, mysterious and rich.
e. Strong, quiet and protective.

2. What do you do in your free time?
a. You don’t really get free time; your work is quite a handful.
b. Write, read and unwind with family.
c. Hang out with friends, do girly things or head to the spa.
d. Be with your boyfriend and discuss current issues.
e. Spend quality time with your man.

3. You favourite subject in school was…
a. Economics and management.
b. Social studies and languages.
c. Acting and music class.
d. Law and science.
e. Science and geography.

4. What is your idea of a perfect date?
a. A romantic, candlelight dinner with a beautiful gift and conversations.
b. A walk around town, talking and getting to know each other.
c. Dinner at a fancy restaurant, dancing and a few laughs with your man.
d. Attending a classic ball with your man twirling you.
e. Staying in, watching movies and eating cake.

5. What is the one thing you cannot stand?
a. Hypocrisy.
b. Someone harming your family.
c. Someone hurting your self-respect.
d. Lies.
e. A bad temper.

superhero girlfriend

6. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
a. An all-equipped suit to fight evil.
b. A super brain.
c. An ability to morph into any person.
d. To be invisible.
e. Super strength.

7. What is your weakness?
a. Your man, your love.
b. Your family.
c. Jealousy.
d. Your trust.
e. Your ability to forgive too easily.

8. What best defines your ex?
a. Good guy, but not interesting.
b. Best friend, but not my love.
c. The most popular guy, kind of a jerk.
d. The ‘right’ guy for you.
e. You never had one; you met the man you love.

9. What describes your current boyfriend (or current crush)?
a. Witty and loyal.
b. Passionate and shy.
c. Caring, sweet and deep.
d. Mysterious, your confidant and charming.
e. The love of your life, kind of possessive and very well-read.

10. What is your personal dressing style?
a. Power suits and minimal accessories.
b. Formal and geeky.
c. Chic, trendy and stylish.
d. Casual, classy and lady-like.
e. Comfortable and casual with classic accessories.

11. You would give up your life for…
a. Your man.
b. Your family.
c. Your principles.
d. What is right for the society.
e. To stop wrong and evil.

Mostly As: Pepper Potts – Iron Man

What makes you most like Ms Potts is that you have your own identity, but you choose to devote your life to your better half. You have a stable mindset and work well under pressure. Your man is witty, powerful, flirtatious and unconventionally handsome.

superhero girlfriend - pepper potts

Mostly Bs: Lois Lane – Superman
Lois was a strong-headed individual and so are you. You are a no-nonsense person who believes in giving a hundred percent to what you do. Romantically, you take time to open up, but once you do you trust blindly. You are in love with the quintessential boyfriend. He is smart, successful, caring and extremely loyal.

superhero girlfriend - lois lane
Mostly Cs: Mary Jane – Spiderman
You love taking care of yourself and how you look—and more often than not you will be impeccably dressed. You believe you can work best using your wit and charm. When it comes to relationships, however, you can be a little indecisive. But in the end you follow your heart. Your man is courageous and intelligent and loves to pamper you.

superhero girlfriend - Mary jane
Mostly Ds: Rachel Dawes – Batman
You are someone who strongly believes in fate and knows that whatever happens happens for the best. Your relationship with your boyfriend is complex, but not complicated. You support each other as best friends and soulmates. Your man is more serious, focused and has a sense of mystery about him.

superhero girlfriend - Rachel Dawes
Mostly Es: Betty Ross – Hulk
You are a simple girl who sticks to the notion of ‘happily ever after’. Whether it is your career or your love life, you know things will work out in the end. You probably found love in your best friend or met him when you were younger. Your better half is someone who understands you, cares about you, but is also possessive.

superhero girlfriend - Betty Ross

Behind every successful man is a woman, right? So, why don’t you tell us which superhero is your ideal man.

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