5 Surprising Facts About Body Fat You REALLY Should Know

We know the F word scares you, especially if you’ve been going on those boring diets and lengthy workouts. It can be frustrating when after a month of rigorous gymming and living on salads, you only lose a kilo or two. However, it is possible that you’ve understood your body fat all wrong.

Facts About Body Fat

Here are five surprising facts that will change the way you look at your waist size. Check them out.

1. You Cannot Lose Weight Beyond A Point
Yes, it is true. The creation and destruction of fat cells in your body is constant; however, it cannot go below a fixed number. Thus, you feel stuck at a certain weight, cause after a point you cannot lose more fat cells. This ‘number’ is set during puberty in your teenage years, before you turn into an adult. So, it is very important to avoid a diet excessive in fats as a child.

What You Can Do: Think about it; if you can’t really change the number, you probably can’t become a size zero—no matter how much you work out. Accepting this will help you keep realistic expectations from your body and work more on toning and being healthy than losing weight.

2. Muscles Burn More Calories Than Fat
Okay, so you’ve been doing your cardio but ignoring weights? Read the header again. Your muscles are designed for movement and hence tend to burn more calories while weight training as compared to fat, which is used for storing energy. However, you need both. So it is important to keep a balance between losing fat (cutting down sugar and oil + cardio) and gaining muscle (high protein diet + weights workout).

What You Can Do: Consult a professional and learn about the exact muscle mass and fat content in your body. Then, work on reducing excessive fat and maintaining an optimum level as well as building the right kind of muscles in your body.

3. Liposuction Isn’t A Permanent Solution
Want to get rid of the tummy fat and love handles for your wedding? Liposuction does sound easy and convenient. It is a cosmetic surgery that removes up to 20 percent of your body fat. But don’t expect it to last forever. While you will look thinner for now, all that weight can just as easily come back if you don’t workout or control your diet.

What You Can Do: Gather all possible information regarding this cosmetic surgery before you go for it. Along with your doctor, also consult your dietician and fitness trainer to understand the best possible way to reduce weight as well as maintain your weight post-surgery.

4. The Hidden Fat Is More Dangerous Than The One You See
You may hate the layer of fat around your stomach, thighs or arms, but doctors are more concerned about the fat you can’t really see. This fat is between your organs and cushions them. However, when it increases, it may lead to major health issues like cardiovascular problems and even blood clots.

What You Can Do: While working on losing weight, go skin deep and work on being healthy too. Add breathing and specific yoga poses to your daily workout once you know your weak spots from the doctor. Additionally, add nutritious food to your diet instead of simply cutting down the fat. It is best to consult your doctor if you experience breathlessness, fatigue, high blood pressure and other symptoms.

5. Eat Food To Burn Fat
Experts across the globe believe that starving is the worst way to lose weight; you need to eat the right kind of food. Fat burning is dependent on your metabolism, so you need to keep it running fast. The more you eat, the more your metabolism works to burn the energy. Now, we’re not talking about French fries and double cheese pizza—we’re talking about foods such as spices and legumes that boost your metabolism.

What You Can Do: Protein-rich foods are ideal for weight loss, but they need to be balanced with carbohydrates and other nutrients. Other, surprising items to add to your diet are peppers and chillies. Research says that hot pepper and chillies have metabolism-boosting properties. So, a hint of pepper in your food will take you a long way. Ask your dietician to guide you according to your body and dietary preferences.

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