Survival Of The Fittest With Mumbai Travellers

Is your undying love for nature diminishing because of the growing stress of day-to-day life? Are you in search for something adventurous and out of the ordinary? Are you tired of your monotonous life and rather see yourself surviving in a dense forest?
If your answer to the above questions is a big fat yes, then it’s time you join Mumbai Travellerssurvival course and learn to live your life on the edge and get a certificate, IF you survive!
Mumbai Travellers is organizing a 2 nights and 3 days wilderness basic survival course from 16th to 18th November, 2012 to empower you and help you conquer the 5 key factors of survival namely food, fire, water, air and fear. 
Trekking and extreme adventure draw a thin line between life and death. This course will prove to be very useful for developing your personality, imparting skills like presence of mind and leadership, enjoying treks and adventures happily and at times to save our life. 
It will take place in the dense forest of Ulhas Valley in Lonavala where the first part of the schedule will be pre-camp briefing sessions online a week before the course.
Day 1 starts with a trek to Ulhas Valley from Lonavala, a briefing and introduction to the survival course, dinner and campfire and overnight in tents. Day 2 starts at dawn followed by 4 survival sessions and overnight in the forest without food and shelter. Day 3 will see the final session, celebratory lunch and certificate distribution after which campers will get ready to get back to Mumbai. 
The trip will include lots of survival skills like navigation, putting up a fire without a matchbox, how to get survival food and natural medicines, camp craft skills, climbing and rappelling and more.
To enrol for this course, you can mail them on or call on 8692033777/ 8692055777/ 8692022777.
For more details, check out their website here.
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