Sussane Roshan’s Insights at The Home Label

First came quirky home décor stores that slowly changed how people looked at interior designing in the country. It did not just extend to changing how your house looked the first time you stepped into it and leaving it to that for years to come. That gave birth to online stores that sold these unique furnishings across India. Now we have a celebrity who will help you design your house and pick and choose products from her e-store. The Home Label claims to be India’s first ever celebrity directed home décor web store that will have handpicked designs by the celebrity herself. And who would that be? Well of course, designer and owner of The Charcoal Project and wife of Hrithik Roshan, Sussane! 
She will bring with her 15 years of design experience working with discerning clientele from around the world not to mention her degree from Brooks College in California. 
Does that mean your budget’s got to hit the roof to purchase their products? We think not. They have products that are varied in terms of price range for all types of purchases. Leaving that aside, the website will act as a design guide for users and readers to create new styles for their homes. It will have a selective assortment of unique, high quality, design centric products for the home. Expect cosy, warm and inviting interiors that are accessorized well with layers and artefacts. Every month, Sussanne will handpick inspirational collections of artefacts, styles, looks and give handy tips to The Home Label customers. The website also has a section to send gift vouchers to your loved ones so they can choose what they like under your budget. 
Can we have a cuddly cushion to go with our pink curtains and shiny nightstand, please Sussanne?
To view The Home Label’s website, click here.
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