Swee Sexy Legs Full Thigh Shaper Sold Out

Swee Sexy Legs Full Thigh Shaper

Brand: Swee
Price: Rs. 899
The perfect makeover everyday!! This high-waist full thigh shaper not only works effectively on the abdomen but also gives firm coverage for your hips and thighs resulting in a flawless silhouette. Designed seamless to stay invisible the shaper's 4 way stretch reduces 2 inches around your waist. Light-weight and durable, this shaper's fabric keeps you at ease by blocking moisture. This thigh shaper promises to deliver high-quality comfort for a long time thanks to its durable construction. Ladies, it is recommended to initially use body shapers for two hours a day and to increase this time one you feel more comfortable with the garment. Later, it can be used as active everyday underwear. Wear this number under your evening dresses and skinny jeans and tops for a sculpted frame. Did you know: Since the 16th century, women have been using shape wear to define their frame!!

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