T-Shirt-ing Up With Barney And Co At Redwolf

We live in a time where love wilts faster than the time Jacob takes to turn into a werewolf. As tragic as that sounds, it is true. What do we do then? Some of us fly into a murderous rage like Dexter, while some of us start shufflin’ for a living! Some of us run to Barney Stinson to make us awesome again, while some us look to Tolkein for the philosophies of life!
TV series being the primary dose of medicine for our everyday setbacks, it is time we offered our gratitude. A brand which looks to doing exactly that is Red Wolf. Retailing a range of T-shirts online, they focus on bringing reel to real. Bearing cult quotes from your favourite series, these will instantly create an impact.
The T-shirts mostly come in colours of red, blue, black and white, and the rest of the design is kept simple so as to focus on the main quote. Also, if you are as attached to your TV series as my colleague is to Ian Somerhalder, then they’ve also launched a new range of badges that you can carry everywhere you go. These feature popular quotes from some top-watched TV series as well.
Promoters of talent, they are always on the lookout for trendy designs that are completely your own. You can mail your designs at contact@redwolf.in. Also, their packaging scores brownie points as the tees come in a really cool cylindrical box, featuring a galloping wolf in thin air. (Editor’s tip: These can be reused to make a shoe rack!)
If you want to get in touch with them, call them on 022 32183087. Or better yet, click here to shop through their website. Their delivery patterns are flexible as you can enjoy free shipping if you pay online, avail of COD which will come with a handling charge or fix up a time, date and place where you can collect your order.
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