Tablewalla For Your Food Reservations

tablewalla; no, they do not sell tables. But they do reserve one for you. An upcoming portal that will activate online bookings by the end of September, 2012, tablewalla is an easy and fast way to reserve your restaurant table.
The brains behind the website wished to bring the concept of real-time, online bookings to India to deliver something that is fun, user-friendly and relevant. With restaurants like The Table (yes, we can see why you would find that funny), Indigo and Ellipsis on board, book a table online at your favourite restaurant. Users will be able to browse through the restaurants by area or cuisine, get access to up-to-date information on the restaurants and confirm their bookings.
So the next time you forget to reserve a table for the much anticipated dinner date, there’s still hope! The website will go live by the end of this month. Till then get food tips and recipes and news from their blog, Facebook page and through Twitter.
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