Are You Treating Your Tattoo Right? 5 Ways To Keep It Looking Vibrant

While we only see the cool body art, we don’t really realise what a tattoo can do to our skin. A tattoo is a form of body modification wherein the ink is inserted into the skin to change its pigment. And sometimes this permanent piece of art could cause serious damage to your skin. After all the pain you had to bear to get yourself inked, you sure don’t want your tat to give you any more agony. We give you skincare tips to save your beautiful tat from turning into a dreadful disaster.

skincare tips for tattoo

1) Moisturise
As you grow old, so does your tattoo; hence it’s very important to take care of it as much as your wrinkles. Moisturise often. As you age, your skin becomes dry, and this can make your tattoo look ugly. A huge difference in weight (both loss and gain) can also directly affect the body art. No matter what lotion you use, apply a thin layer as a thick one could drain out the colour in your tattoo.
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2) Sunscreen
This is most important as the sun can make your vibrant-coloured design a washed-out mess. A sunburn can also cause peeling or scarring, which can spoil your tattoo. Besides, ultraviolet light from the sun fades your tattoo ink. Use water-resistant sunscreens of SPF30 or higher to protect your skin and tattoo from the sun.
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tattoo aftercare
3) Rashes & Infections
If you ever notice any kind of redness, pus, swelling or warmth near your tattooed area, consult a dermatologist. On tattooed skin, even a minor skin infection can lead to major health problems like pneumonia or blood infection.

4) Keep It Clean
For a long-lasting tattoo, maintain cleanliness around the area. If it ever gets dirty, clean it with a warm sponge bath using antibacterial soap. This will not only keep it looking vibrant, but also protect your skin from infections.

5) Refresh Your Colour
Your body’s immune system disintegrates any foreign material (in this case, the tattoo ink) and cleans it out of your system, thus fading the colour of your tattoo. Hence, you may be required to visit your artist for a touch up every six months, depending on the size of your tat.

So now you know how to treat your tat right. Let us know if they helped you in the comments section.

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