Taste The “Bliss” of Discounts

GET: 20% off on everything in the store

IN: Bliss 180, Aram Nagar 1, Fisheries University Road, 7 Bungalows, Versova, Andheri (west), Mumbai 400 061

ON: 21st to 27th April, 2011

IT: is exclusive for InOnIt users

“Bliss” started off as one such dream and countless lunch time discussions. How can we at “Vibe” promote design & creativity? Can we create a one- stop lifestyle destination that provides an ideal platform for people from all walks of life to showcase their creativity? We at Vibe have always found our “Bliss” in our passion for design. We’ve always felt that it would be a great idea for like- minded people to showcase their creativity in one space, however varied the product. Hence, Bliss.
We want “Bliss” to become a “lifestyle destination with a difference” – every product is unique, handpicked, & therefore can be customized as per our clients requirements. Our designers range from well known names in the fashion industry to working professionals with a flair for design & the desire to do something different. We showcase each designer’s work as their own, thereby giving them due respect & credit for their work. We intend to create an oasis of immense talent, a treasure trove of products that will add happiness to our client’s lives. We envisage it to be a gathering space where like minded people can get together over a cup of coffee. Our future plans include design showcases, workshops, exhibitions, bazaars and several experiments that will keep the “spirit of design” alive.
We hope that coming to “Bliss” will be a “blissful” experience for each & every person that walks through the little wooden gate.

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