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At twelve people strong, the InOnIt team of techies, writers, graphic designers, merchandisers and marketers have one common goal – to build the best possible product discovery website, combining content with awesome products.

Meghna Mittal, Co-Founder: ‘Meg’ as we affably call her, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an economics degree from the Wharton School. After working in the Big Apple for Bear Sterns she came back to Mumbai to work with Pratham, an NGO. Founding partner at InOnIt, she is the mother hen of the marketing and merchandising team. In charge of taking increasing number of partnerships, and ascending our member base, Meg has redefined the term jugaad.

Trivia Treat: An involuntary memorizer of restaurant menus – it’s actually a superpower.

Namrata Kothari, Co-Founder: Another eminent graduate from the Wharton School, Namrata wielded her economics degree first at Goldman Sachs in New York City before moving to AQR, a hedge fund in Greenwich, Connecticut. On her return home, she and Meghna joined forces to start InOnIt. Heading product management and content strategy, you can still expect a perennial 1000-watt smile.

Trivia Treat: She can talk and sing backwards!

Ashish Gandhi, Head of Technology: Armed with an MS in computers from the University of Massachusetts and a BE from Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Ashish has also amassed 14 years of work experience. Previously with Network 18 as the development lead for and also forming the building blocks for, you could say he is one seasoned campaigner in the consumer internet space. Currently heading technology at InOnIt, we think he’s in dire need of a tan.

Trivia Treat: A yoga yuppie, he’s a lot more flexible than you think.

Anushka Patodia, Editor: A fashion, food and fitness enthusiast, you’ll usually find Anushka bent over a book while inhaling copious amounts of coffee. With an MA in International Journalism from London’s University of Westminster and work experience with Femina and Condé Nast Traveller India, she is a self-confessed Grammar Nazi.

Trivia treat: Her love for you will vary depending upon your ability to use a comma correctly.

Prakruti Jhaveri, Features Writer: Having worked with Lexiconn and Superscribe as a writer, Prakruti is enjoying her stint as an InOnIt fashion writer. She graduated from UPG college with a degree in journalism and has also been teaching underprivileged children at an NGO for over a decade. Adores her slumber, spirituality and the exploration of different musical genres.

Read her posts here.

Trivia Treat: Is double-jointed, we just hope you aren’t squeamish.

Avani Gada, Web Developer: After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from K. J. Somaiya College in Mumbai, Avani has worked as PHP Developer at Vitruvian Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Gharse Online Marketing and The Global Language. She loves working at a startup like as she can play a big part in developing the product.

Trivia Treat: Although a pragmatic techie, she is a romantic at heart and devours novels in her free time.

Diana Koli, Graphic Designer: A marathoner, movie marathoner that is, Diana graduated with a degree in advertising from Sophia College, Mumbai. A Bollywood know-it-all, she envisions a remake of Confessions of a Shopaholic based on her. Having been an assistant director before joining InOnIt, she definitely knows her cinema. A penchant for shoes, bags and clothes, she propagates retail therapy for all.

Trivia Treat: She has a pre-work ritual – an episode of any soap opera early in the morning.

Jasmine Samuel, Graphic Designer: The oldest employee at InOnIt, Jasmine A.K.A Jassu enjoys everything creative from DIYs to illustrations. She graduated from Sophia College with a BMM-Advertising degree. Her love for cats, chocolate and church is undeniable. She can be found teaching children and playing (or at least trying) an array of musical instruments in her free time.

Trivia Treat: She is our in-house Rajnikant (mostly Rajni-Can).

Karishma Chiplunkar, Merchandising: The youngest member of the InOnIt team, she came in fresh off the boat after graduating from Jai Hind College with a BMM in Journalism. When she isn’t handling merchandising, you can catch her taking selfies or predicting the future as a mystical tarot card reader.

Trivia Treat: She hates cheese. Yes, we’re shocked too.

Janki Patel, Social Media:  The femme fatale has earned a degree in fashion and interned with Collezioni Moda and Femina, before joining the InOnIt Team. Janki feeds off Hollywood, especially if Zombies are attacking; is a chocoholic, fitness freak and just loves fashion and frolic! If her ipod were alive, she’d probably marry it.

Trivia Treat: She absolutely adores and dotes on doggies, and is as loyal as them. Her bite, when angry, is also as nasty as theirs. Janki is horrified of needles but has bravely taken shots just to be with her best buddies, the stray dogs.

Evans Belly, Web Developer: Born and brought up in Mumbai, Evans moved to Nasik for college. He’s pursuing his Masters in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering simultaneous as he works for InOnIt. A football and volleyball enthusiast, his skill for watching and playing is in equilibrium. He loves to dance, just give him a beat and watch those fancy feet fly.

Trivia Treat: He is extremely terrified of water. Strange bunch we are.

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