Hair Raising Tales: How To Get The ’70s’ Puffy Look Without The Damage

Whether you have thin limp hair, long wavy tresses or messy curls; we know you love the ’70s puffed hairstyle. Lightly teasing your hair and making them look soft yet full is every girl’s go-to hairstyle on important occasions.

But if things go wrong, you can quickly go from Audrey Hepburn to Miley Cyrus with a mohawk. We tell you exactly how to create this hairstyle and the dos and don’ts that go along with it.

teased hair- Audrey Hepburn

How To Do It
1. Part the area you want to tease and pin the rest of the hair.
2. Make about four-inch subsections in that part of your hair. If you want a light tease, opt for smaller, two-inch subsections.
3. Hold your hair at 90 degrees from the scalp and place your fine-toothed comb about one inch above the root.
4. Comb down the root and go up again. Keep repeating till you find a considerable amount of gathered hair near the root.
5. Use a light spray in your hair to keep it this way. Then lightly take the hair behind and pin it like you do while tying a normal ponytail. But don’t pull it; gently layer it with your other hair.
6. Add the final touches to any randomly sticking-out hair by spraying a smoothening serum over it. You can even take a tinge of oil and just smoothen out your hair.

To see exactly how it’s done, check out this video:

1. Detangle and smoothen the texture. You think backcombing or teasing the hair would be just right for wavy and curly hair? Well, that’s a myth. Styling textured hair can be a real nightmare if not done right. If you have curls or waves, it would be ideal to lightly straighten that section of hair before making it puffy. If you have straight hair, brush out your tangles before the hairstyle.

2. Stay away from wet hair. We mean it! No touching your hair for any kind of styling till it’s completely dry. Wet hair is extremely fragile and can be damaged easily.

3. Use the right brush. If you want big hair you need to buy the right kind of brushes and combs for your hair. Use a fine-toothed comb for backcombing and a large bristled brush for the final touch.

4. Take your time to detangle your hair when removing it. Directly jumping into the shower will make the hair more tangled and messy.

1. Use a detangling spray or serum before you start.
2. Use a volumising shampoo that will make your hair look big and bouncy.
3. Use a heavy conditioner before and after teasing your hair.
4. Try teasing your hair the next day after you wash. There will be natural oils in your hair instead of product build-up.

Go on, try this style for your hair. And shout out to us if you have got great results.

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