Ten Apps Every Travel Junkie Must Have

Top Ten Travel Apps

Top Ten Travel Apps

Whether you travel frequently on business trips, go country-hopping for pleasure, or simply skip town for weekend getaways, our list of travel apps will make sure you go places (quite literally). From tips to beat jet lag, reviews of best local dishes, wi-fi locater and much more, here are ten apps every travel junkie must have.

All apps listed below are free and available on iPhone and Android.

1. Jet Lag Rooster
No matter how seasoned a traveller you are, jet lag spares nobody. This app cushions the blow of a jet lag by personalised tips and measures for you to adjust your internal body clock to the time zone you are travelling to and back.

A travel app called jet lag rooster

Jet Lag Rooster

2. Postagram Postcards
If real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter about what a “rocking!!!!” time you are having is not enough, send your friends and family personalised postcards with messages that gets printed and shipped to your desired address within days.

A travel app called Postagram Postcards

Postagram Postcards

3. Kayak
Your one-stop destination for all your travel related bookings and searches –Kayak can be more efficient than your local travel agent. It will book your flights, hotels, car rentals, get you going on that packing list, update you on your flight status and much more.

A travel app called Kayak



4. Wi-Fi Finder
The next time you are vacation-bound, use this app to avoid the tear-inducing data roaming charges. Turn it on whenever you need to locate hotspots nearest to you and follow their directions straightaway.

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder


Thanks to this app, you won’t be missing your personal assistant much on your next trip. All you need to do is email details of your flight, hotel, rentals and other confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and receive an organised itinerary all in one place for easy access.

A travel app called Tripit


6. Onavo
This is a great app to have while travelling abroad, as you can reduce your data usage count to a considerable amount using their server. So go ahead and add yet another #selfie image on Instagram, or download those important email attachments, guilt-free.

A travel app called Onavo


7. City Maps 2Go Offline Maps
To make sure you are in headed in the right direction, this app allows you to pre-download city maps which can be used without internet access, making it a great way to dodge those massive phone bills later on.

A travel app called City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

8. Expensify
Business trips can be hectic and usually leave you with hardly any time to streamline your costs. With this app, you can keep track of your receipts, other expenses and know exactly what the reimbursement bill adds up to.

A travel app called expensify


9. Sunscreen Reapplying Reminder
An app that alerts you whenever you are due for a fresh application depending on the SPF of your sunscreen and the which part of the world you are in.

A travel app called Sunscreen Reapplying Reminder

Sunscreen Reapplying Reminder

Whether you seem to be having a strong craving for an authentic dish, or want to explore all the dining options nearby, turn to this app to point you in the right direction backed with reviews from other foodies as well as locals.

A travel app called Foodspotting


Read on for some basic travel tips you should keep in mind right here.

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