Ten Instagram Accounts You Must Follow for Daily Fashion Inspiration

A picture speaks a thousand words and what better medium than Instagram in today’s world.

Gone are the times where we would wait for our favourite monthy/ bi-monthly magazine to arrive or even the websites to get updated sooner so we can browse through pictures and articles that inspire us of fashion and guide us through what’s in vogue.

It’s the time when Instagram rules for every mili-second there are more pictures to inspire us of things, even fashion.

With hundreds of fashion accounts popping up each day, it’s not easy to keep a track but there are accounts you should just not miss. So here I’m listing ten fashionable Instagram (in alphabetical order) accounts that are a must on your ‘following’ list. Read on:

1. @asos

This is the official Instagram account of ASOS. From outfit inspirations to pretty manicure ideas to cute cats stuff. If you don’t follow asos, you’re surely missing the fun. They have another account @asos_studio where they post a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ pictures, the models, trends, style tips and the clothes. However I still prefer @asos for their daily fashion inspirations and ideas.



2. @blaireadiebee

Blaire Eadie is a New York based personal and fashion blogger for the blog www.atlantic-pacific.blogpost.com. Her Instagram account is about her outfits (from which you can definitely take some cues), pretty travel pictures and fashion pieces. Her wardrobe is something you’d surely want to steal. I personally like her for her feminine style with the right amount of frolic.



3. @fashionhippieloves

I believe that now bloggers have a big influence on what’s in vogue and how one can carry things you see on ramp. This account belongs to a Germany-based fashion blogger Anni from the blog of the same name as her Instagram account. Her outfit posts are really pretty and easy to follow for anyone. I even like how she does her hair and makeup. It’s one fashion-inspiring account you should follow.



4. @marcjacobsintl

If you love fashion, you love Marc Jacobs. This is the official account of MJ. They post the latest stuff, the models, behind the scene action and all that goes in the fashion arena.



5. @nausheenshah

One of my favourite in the list, this is the personal nstagram account of Nausheen Shah, a fashion designer turned stylist and blogger. She’s also a fashion contributor for MarieClaire.com and oliviapalermo.com, plus a travel contributor for the New York Post.  As for her Instagram posts, her pictures are more like photo-scripts of her romance with clothes, shoes, travelling and everything fancy. Her personal style is fun, edgy and oh-so-sassy.



6. @ootdmagazine and @ootnmagazine:

These accounts are a must follow for a daily dose of fashion. They post pictures of fashionable people all around the globe. Bloggers, models, anyone. Each picture is a piece of inspiration and outfit idea. I’d be rather surprised if you tell me that you aren’t following these accounts already.



7. @ootdmen

One stop destination for everyday men’s fashion updates. Quirky or not, slick or punk, suited up or casual, you got it all. I am often asked by guys for pointers on what’s in vogue for them; I start with asking them to follow this account. For guys it has the best answers to what to wear and how to wear.



8. @refinery29

Refinery29 is one of the largest fashion and style website in the United States and their Instagram account is more of a fashion-in-pieces account. Pretty doors, that handbag, his brogues, Christmas cookies or Louboutin heels, fashion is in everything and Refinery29 just knows how to capture it right.



9. @streetstyled

I always prefer street style over prêt or haute couture and Streetsyled is just about that. It’s about the most fashionable people walking on the roads, captured with brilliance. I often go back and check out their old posts, there’s so much to be inspired by, everyday.



10. @whowhatwear

I first heard about the site a few years ago when Jessica Alba mentioned it in one of her interviews, when she was asked about her favourite websites. The site is all about fashion, trends, celebrity looks, hair and even DIY tips. The Instagram account is a reflection of it all, picture by picture. Go follow.


A few more accounts worth mentioning are: @chiaraferragni, @manrepeller, @thecoveteur, and @nytimesfashion.

Happy Instagramming! Do tell us about the Instagram accounts you love to follow in comments below. We’ll add them to our list.

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