Tents, Bonfires, Treks and Barbeques With Lets Campout

If you want to relax in the lap of nature, Lets Campout has the perfect spot ready for you. It’s near Kaas village in Satara, where trees are grown in abundance and the flora and fauna is undisturbed. Leave behind your worries and laze in hammocks, enjoy the cool breeze from the adjoining lake, walk through gardens of exotic carnivorous plants and pretty blooms and go for a mystical night trek. 
Lets Campout will provide you air beds and strong tents to protect you and keep you warm along with clean toilet tents equipped with seats. 
Enjoy an elaborate breakfast and dinner with rustic food options and an all-you-can-eat barbeque replete cooked in front of you. 
Best time to visit Kaas is in the winters when the temperature is between 7 and 20°C. 
The trip costs Rs. 1,699 for adults and Rs. 999 for kids and is inclusive of breakfast and a veg barbeque dinner. 
For more details on the trip, check out their website here
To get in touch with them, call on 9819813493 or send an email to info@letscampout.com.
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