Tête-à-tête with Designer Nishka Lulla

nishka lThe fabulous young designer Nishka Lulla, will be showcasing her exclusive collection for the newly launched fashion e-commerce website Stylista.com at India Resortwear Fashion Week 2013. InOnIt.in caught up with Nishka to learn more about her collaboration with Stylista, the inspiration behind her current collection, and a bit about her fashion and shopping choices.

1. How did the collaboration with Stylista begin? What made you want to be a part of it?
When Anjana came up with this exciting new concept called Stylista, I was more than happy to be a part of it. I felt it would be a great platform for my collection to have a wider reach to the market at affordable price points. It’s an exclusive collection only for Stylista. Plus who doesn’t love to shop online nowadays!

2. What is the inspiration behind this first collection?
The collection is inspired by wanderlust, it’s full of separates and layers in solids, sheers, doodle prints and pin stripes. The colour palette comprises of fun ice cream sundae colours such as mint green, soft lavender, strawberry ice cream pinks muted with greys. With so many separates in a collection, you are enabling your customer to experiment, think and feel differently. You hand them the power to dress in a fashion that best suits their moods. This could be an attribute of youthfulness and is as relevant to a 50 year old as it is to a 15 year old. All I intend to do is present a flexible collection: a collection full of choices.

3. Describe the kind of girl who would don your creations.
A girl/woman who is as comfortable in the company of others as she is on her own, just by herself. She is not dressing up to play to the gallery. She’s dressing up to add an honest dimension to her own personality.

Designer Nishka Lulla for Stylista 1

Nishka Lulla for Stylista.com

4. We simply love the styling of your clothing on the website. What role did you play in this? Share some tips on accessorizing with us.
Stylista had their in-house stylist to style the collection. I thought it would be a great idea for them to style it since my collection can be styled in different ways to adapt to different moods and personalities. It needed to have a “holiday dressing” fun vibe .

Accessorizing should be kept minimal, and only when needed to enhance a look. There should always be one focal point in a look, whether it is the outfit or the accessory.

5. If you had to pick a Hollywood or Bollywood celeb as an ambassador for your label, who would it be and why?
Hollywood – Chloë Sevigny and Kate Moss, for their great attitude and personal style. They can mix and match separates to create an edgy stylish look and project their style as an honest extension of themselves.

Bollywood – Kalki Koechlin – she has the vintage boho traveler personality and look which she carries off with ease!

Designer Nishka Lulla for Stylista 3

Nishka Lulla for Stylista.com

A bit about you:
Your favorite accessory:
The Portfolio Clutch

Your current favorite trend:
Androgyny and Metallic

A fashion faux pas you once made:
Never ;)

Before Stylista, you shopped online at?

Favorite fashion destination:
Stylista.com of course!

Watch out for Nishka Lulla’s collection for Stylista.com at India Resortwear Fashion Week 2013 on 12th December at 5pm. We wish her all the best with the show!

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