First Look at Thalassa’s Pop-up at Olive Mahalaxmi


Launched last night was Goa’s popular Greek Taverna Thalassa’s pop-up at Olive Mahalaxmi, and we were there just in time to tell you all about it. Although the outdoor section has received somewhat of a makeover (we believe the existing white wash and stone walls helped), the international music and the relaxed ambiance was a refreshing change. Along with the restaurant, the store at Thalassa Goa has also travelled to Mumbai so that we can get our hands on some fun, flow-y and colourful cotton clothing. We stepped into the store to find our favourites and work up an appetite (shopping always helps!). A few things we loved: a long sunflower-yellow cotton dress cinched at the waist and with short sleeves for Rs. 6900, a coral coloured sleeveless dress with ruffles for Rs. 7500, a silk patchwork jacket that can easily be thrown over any plain tee for Rs 6900, and a printed wrap dress for Rs. 4900. For men, we liked a plain blue shirt and also a printed orange shirt both priced at Rs. 2900.

Now moving on to the important stuff – food.

20130911_213453The smell of fresh olives and feta lingered in the air as we tasted the yummy Tzatziki and Tiro-kaf-teri (a spicy feta dip). The Veg Moussaka (Layers of potatoes, eggplant, spinach and mushrooms, topped with béchamel, red sauce and cheese) was the next dish we tried. The red sauce was flavourful and the cheese was very tasty. Next came the main dishes, a Greek Salad Wrap and Greek Pizza that we found ourselves gorging on. Both dishes were lovingly cooked with the freshest ingredients. And finally, for dessert, we enjoyed the delicious cheesecake tartlets and profiteroles. Both of these melted in our mouths, as we made multiple trips to the dessert counter.

The only damper was a Mojito that we did not enjoy as it was too watery and lacked flavour.

Overall, lots to look forward to as Thalassa moves in to Olive for the next six months. Expect a menu with ample choice of souvlaki wraps, grilled meats, sea food, and of course fresh dips and breads.

Have you tried the food at Thalassa’s pop-up yet? Tweet to us with your feedback at @get_inonit.

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