The Backyard: Surprise Getaways Around Mumbai

Getaways around Mumbai are something that we can never have enough of. We keep exhausting the ones we know of and want bigger, better adventures and challenges. Now this in itself is a challenge! But then there are initiatives such as The Backyard and we know we are sorted.
Born out of an inherent need to ‘chill’, The Backyard aims to return to the glorious days when homes had backyards. These folks will show you how to truly live it up. It isn’t by shopping at Vero Moda over the weekend, it isn’t by having fancy Chinese food at the newest fine-dine downtown and it definitely isn’t by blaring some EDM and partying at your friend’s empty house! The traffic and the travel, the honking and the hawkers, the work and the water-logged drains, city-life can get to us sometimes. So what do you do? Register with The Backyard and dedicate a weekend of every second month to them. They will surprise you with a getaway that you can avail of and go cruising into the sunset for those 2 nights and 3 days. There will be mountains or fields, banks of a river or the stupendous sea, rest assured that there will be insanity in everything you do. You will stay and play, dance and eat, and do everything you wouldn’t dream of doing in your routine rut!
For instance their last getaway was on 7th June 2013 to 9th June 2013, where they headed off to Vangini near Thane. Rappeling, rock climbing, flying fox, playing music, paint ball, 4×4 offroading, poi workshops and getting massages are just some of the activities that they did. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? We, for one cannot wait for their getaway in August to arrive!
To stay in touch with them you can visit their website here. You can also call them on 09930943420 or write to them at for more information.
So feel the mud between your toes, gaze at the stars at night, smell the burning wood of a campfire, hear the crickets at night and taste the freshness of exotic fruits; indulge your senses like never before!
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